King's St Alban's

28 February

Pupils attend Ash Wednesday Service

All children in Years 3 to 6 attended the Foundation Ash Wednesday Service in Worcester Cathedral this week. This was the second visit to the Cathedral this week after Tuesday’s exciting Pancake Races around the Cloisters. King’s St Alban’s pupils regularly attend services in the Cathedral and enjoy the historic setting. Wednesday’s service was an amazing experience for our pupils who behaved beautifully at this formal service. The Senior Choir sang superbly and really inspired our younger musicians with a beautiful rendition of ‘Anugs Dei’.

Head, Richard Chapman, commented how it was “lovely for our children, some as young a seven, to enjoy a whole foundation service in our beautiful Cathedral. Many enjoy seeing older siblings at King’s and they were so impressed with the Senior Choir. The sense of continuity is palpable at such a services.”

The Ash Wednesday Service sermon was delivered by Mr Maund, Head of English at ‘Big King’s’. He spoke about the true meaning of Ash Wednesday and the purpose of Lent. He asked us to consider if we are ‘going in the right direction’ and gave a seven point health check to consider. Within this, his advice that ‘the tongue is small but can do a lot of harm’ was wise and well received. Children were also asked to apply this three point test to (possibly unhelpful) words: is it true, is it necessary and is it kind? A very thought-provoking start to the day and hopefully a message our children will remember and put into practice.