King's St Alban's

30 September

Author takes pupils on an adventure.

On Wednesday, pupils in Year 6 were invited to attend a webinar with children’s author, Michelle Paver. The author, best known for her Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series, began the inspiring session by giving the children some background to her books. Pavers then went on to entertain the cohort with tales from her research trips, which she explained were paramount in finding out what life would have been like for her main characters during the stone age. Pavers showed the children some of the artefacts she had collected on her travels, including reindeer antlers which were used by the Inuit for many things including creating fishhooks and snow goggles. She even had a string she had made from nettle stems and reindeer fur mittens.

On her research trips, Pavers learnt how hunter-gathers made things which had to work in order to survive as well as how animals were respected and every part of a hunted animal was used. She even learnt some ‘Wolf good manners’ and how to track grizzly bears.

The children learnt a great deal about the importance of editing and were shown handwritten first drafts of chapters that were full of crossings out and amendments. When asked if she would change anything about her early books, Pavers said she worked on them until they were exactly the way she wanted them to be, so she wouldn’t change a thing.

The Year 6 children (and staff!) thoroughly enjoyed this webinar and were inspired by Michelle Paver’s adventures and storytelling.

As part of a series of author visits, children from Reception through to Year 6 are now looking forward to our Autumn Author Visits. On Tuesday, 5th October, Black Pear Press will be visiting King’s St Alban’s with four inspirational authors to share their stories, read extracts and discuss their texts. Details have been circulated to parents with an opportunity for parents to purchase signed copies of books ahead of the visit.