King's St Alban's

8 October

Author visit inspires creativity.

An inspiring multiple author visit took place on Tuesday. Several authors affiliated to Black Pear Press, a local publishing company were joined by an illustrator to inspire and kick-start pupil creativity.

The children met the authors, heard them read extracts from their books and were able to discuss the plots and even suggest possible next steps! There was most certainly creativity in the air.

Pupils in Years 3 and 4 listened eagerly to author Tony Judge as he talked about his book “Lost”. The story describes how a child comes upon an intriguing old sword lying in a lake, only to bump later into a rather eccentric knight wandering about in the woods. Pupils were thoroughly captivated and relished the opportunity to discuss the storyline at length with Tony himself.

Year 6 explored the possibility of telepathic powers between triplets and about how they use these powers to be reunited after a family tragedy in a book called ‘Triple Trouble’. Author Rod Griffiths was impressed with pupil’s inquisitive questions and imagination.

“Max and Luchia”, a book about children who design electronic games, proved a winner not least because many of our children would dearly love to be able to create online games themselves! The book is written by Kevin Brooke and illustrated by Sera Bryant; pupils enthusiastically engaged with them both in a truly interactive session.

Finally, our Pre-Prep were introduced to the author Johnny Morris and the wonderful idea of a stone dog, “Griff”, who magically comes to life. Pupils were full of ideas of what Griff might get up to when human backs were turned.

Pupils were able to purchase signed copies of each of the books. The children then proved only too keen to get down to the serious business of reading!