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6 April

Bags of help for NHS professionals

Sewing community comes together!

King’s Worcester Art Department has been providing bags of help by supporting the NHS after responding to a plea from a nurse on Facebook asking for spare bed sheets or pillowcases to donate to staff who needed washable drawstring bags.

The latest wave of NHS support follows on from last week’s news of the creation of masks for the NHS by the Head of Design and Technology.

The team of three from King’s Art department started to make the bags last week and have now created over 45 bags, with more in production. The team have also started to design an easy to create set of scrubs too.

Jasmin Williams who initiated the ‘bags of help’ response said “Healthcare professionals want them so they can quickly put their used scrubs into them at the end of their shifts. It means they can then take them home safely to wash. All they need to do is put the whole thing in the washing machine and hopefully then lower the risk of bringing anything home with them.”

Jasmin added “Since I have a sewing machine and overlocker at home, I started making them myself and left a pile of them on the nurse’s doorstep. I also posted some to friends and family who are nurses, occupational therapists, doctors and paramedics and they have all been very thankful. They take just a matter of minutes to make out of pillowcases especially and all you need is the fabric, ribbon or cord and a sewing machine. They are so each to make.”

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Wash bags for the NHS (Full width Image)

“For the love of Scrubs”

The science department at King’s has been supporting local NHS practices and care homes. Following a request from local practices the Physics, Biology and Chemistry teachers at King’s rallied together to see what supplies they could source.

Safety specs, plastic protective aprons (used in biology), sterile packed coveralls, gloves and face masks were collected to be distributed across almost 10 locations.  Alison Gamble, Teacher of Physics at King’s coordinated the sourcing and distribution of supplies. “I collated and cleaned over 200 pairs of protective goggles and bought together all the supplies from around the department. I then contacted a number of local GP surgeries and care homes. We have a number of parents who are GPs and wider King’s community contacts at local nursing homes and so we were really keen to do our bit to help the local community.

The items were distributed to NHS practices across Upton, Pershore and Worcester. The Lawns Care Home in Kempsey and Albion Lodge in Hanley Swan also received supplies.

Alison added, “The district nurses and GP surgeries were especially grateful as they have had little or no Personal Protective Equipment to speak of, so even our small contribution has had a huge impact there particularly.”



Goggles and aprons for NHS workers (Full width Image)
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