King's Hawford

11 February

Bishops Wood – red noses & cold toes

It is safe to say that Year 1 had a wonderful trip to Bishops Wood last week. The children had a busy day filled with red noses and cold toes but it was clear from their smiles that they loved every minute of their day out.


After a short but exciting trip in the school minibuses, our Year 1 adventurers arrived at Bishop’s Wood, where they were met by their day leader, Steven. Steven took the children straight to the story hut, where they had a go at making up their own fairy tales. The children especially liked The Big Bad Bear that turned into a boat!

Upon leaving the story hut, Year 1 walked around the woods, stopping at a pile of straw. The children were given a pig and were tasked with building a straw house to keep the pig safe….but along came the big bad wolf and blew it down! The children ran the pigs around the wood to an opening full of sticks. The next task was to build a stronger house for two little pigs. Despite calling on the den building skills they picked up the day before in Forest School, the house was no match for the wolf! Next it was on to a pile of bricks that the children used to build a house for three little pigs! Thankfully their house building skills were sound and their brick house managed to keep the big bad wolf out, much to the delight of the children and the three little pigs of course!

For lunch, Steven had arranged blankets in the classroom area and the children and staff enjoyed an indoor picnic. The teachers were grateful for the opportunity to thaw out slightly – amazingly the children didn’t seem overly bothered by the cold!

Once lunch was over, the children headed back out into the woods for their afternoon activity. In a clearing were three story boxes: The Three Billy Goats, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The Gingerbread Man. The children spent time role playing and acting out each of the fairy tales. There were plenty of props for the children to use, including clay to make a gingerbread man, pots and pans to make mud porridge and sticks to make a troll bridge.

It was a wonderful day for the children and all of the activities helped to reinforce the learning they have been doing in the classroom this term. Mrs Attwood and Mrs Leatherdale were both incredibly impressed by the children’s behaviour and willingness to get stuck into each of the activities. They were a credit to the school.

Well done Year 1!