King's St Alban's

5 October

Budding Geographers get out and about!

On Wednesday morning, our Year 3 geographers went on an adventure to Eckington, Worcestershire, in order to explore their topic on Land Use. The children learnt about the features of a village and were particularly fascinated by the history of Eckington and how the buildings have changed use over time. They also carried out a survey of traffic passing through the village. There was great excitement among the children, standing on the railway bridge as a train passed by, with the driver tooting and waving; this was, of course, the most exciting part of the morning!

Later in the week, the Year 3 cohort were out and about once more, exploring our locality and discovering how the land and buildings surrounding King’s Worcester have changed over time.

Starting with a familiar site, the Pre-Prep building, the children were excited to see what the land looked like before Pre-Prep was built, with no pub or pub car park in site! We then walked past the Pre-Prep building to the back of the Worcester Porcelain factory and the children studied a photo of what it used to look like in the late 1800s; while very different to how it looks today, there were still some recognisable features, such as rooftops, windows and a chimney.

Continuing their explorations, the keen geographers studied a picture of Sidbury taken in 1957. They were surprised by how much the area had changed and discovered that Bath Road was not where it is today (and there were no traffic lights!), although they eventually realised that the Commandery is still standing and looked the same as it does today.

To finish our afternoon, we walked around Worcester Cathedral and stood on the Cathedral Green, looking over to the Elgar Statue, where, once again, we examined how the land and buildings had changed in a relatively short time period. Pupils undertook a survey of traffic and concluded that cities are definitely busier than villages!