King's St Alban's

1 October

Bumper Harvest at King’s St Alban’s

Pupils at King’s St Alban’s came together this morning to celebrate Harvest Festival. Taking the opportunity to give thanks for a successful harvest, pupils also gave thanks for the good and positive things in life.

The pupils and parents of King’s St Alban’s have responded to our harvest collection in abundance, with displays brightening up several areas of the school. We extend a heartfelt thank you to all those who donated food and other items which will be taken to the Worcester Foodbank early next week. Part of The Trussell Trust, who support communities to open foodbanks, the Worcester Foodbank is one of a network of 428 foodbanks across the UK. The Trussell Trust is working to tackle food poverty and hunger in local communities such as Worcester. There is no doubt that our vast array of produce will be gratefully received.

As part of our Harvest celebrations, the Headmaster, Mr Chapman, together with Reverend Dr Dorsett, King’s School Worcester Chaplain, hosted a whole school assembly. Reverend Dorsett, spoke of the importance of community and working as a team. Asking for volunteers, he demonstrated teamwork getting Hugo (Year 1) to throw a balloon to Tiegan (Reception) on the other side of the Pre-Prep Hall which of course, despite Hugo’s best efforts is impossible. However, they quickly realised that by passing the balloon along the row of pupils the desired outcome could be easily achieved. Reverend Dorsett rounded off his sermon by relating suggesting that all pupils at King’s St Alban’s are important links in a chain just like the many people that are involved in food production.

The assembly concluded with a number of prayers which enabled the pupils to think about families locally and from around the world who go hungry.