King's Worcester

21 September

Bushcraft Activity Day for Lower Sixth

The Lower Sixth took part in their annual Bushcraft Activity Day on our Sports Fields. The sessions were run by the Wise Up team and the day was designed to build friendships and support networks within the House groups. Each House worked together on three activities which included fire lighting, shelter building and designing/constructing emergency stretchers. The weather was stunning and all of the students made the most of the event!

“On the morning of Friday 18th September, the Lower Sixth went down to the games fields to take part in ‘bushcraft.’ We were split into groups within our Houses and set lots of different challenges to improve our wilderness and survival skills.

Firstly, we tackled the task of building a waterproof shelter out of bamboo sticks, tarpaulin, rope and any other suitable materials we could find such as hair bobbles that the girls of each group resourcefully donated. There was a large range in effectiveness and style of each shelter, some were even decorated with hanging leaves. Overall, the majority of groups were able to huddle everybody inside at one point before some of the flimsier structures collapsed or those inside were soaked with water! When the instructors and our House tutors tested to see if our constructions would be able to withstand rougher weather conditions than that of the sunshine, we experienced on the day, this resulted in a few dripping wet hoodies!

After a small break, the next activity was to make a stretcher for a casualty using six wooden poles and eight pieces of string. We were also given a survival bag to support the casualty. It was quite challenging to secure each piece of wood together but once we had made sure it was strong enough to hold the weight, we lifted our casualties and manoeuvred through cones and crossed under and over a line of tape. It was surprising to see that our stretchers lasted for so long without breaking!

The final bushcraft activity was fire starting. It took our group of three, in particular, a long time before we started to see any signs of smoke, but we enjoyed trying out all of the equipment such as sticks, string and magnesium firelighters.  We even made popcorn over the flames once we had finished lighting our fires!

As a year group, we think that we learned a lot during the course of the morning about putting the materials around us to use in a situation where we might perhaps require some of these skills in the future. It was a great way to spend time with all of our friends since returning to school after so long away. We worked well in teams and had a lot of fun too!” – Fliss and Alice (L6Br)