King's St Alban's

28 January

Carnival in the Chapel?

On Thursday, Years 3 and 4 relished the opportunity to bring the sound of the Rio Carnival to the otherwise usually peaceful school chapel with a junk drumming workshop led by Nick Ledbury from the Glamba Theatrical Percussion Group.

In an incredibly lively and interactive workshop the children (and staff!) didn’t stop smiling throughout. The sounds of Brazil created by the pupils, using a wide variety of authentic Samba instruments, filled the corridors of the school and echoed across the playground. They learned that, with just a little imagination, many everyday items can be transformed into percussion instruments. Pots, pans, water butts, hosepipes and even a large piece of cardboard were just a few of the ‘instruments’ they played. Working together, they learned how to ‘rumble’ and used word rhythms to build up a complex piece inspired by Brazilian Samba.

Pupils also enjoyed discovering the origins of Samba carnival music and its instruments and even had the opportunity to dance like they do in Rio too!

Nick, who had the pupils playing mesmerising authentic rhythms in no time at all, was blown away by the children’s commitment, focus and enthusiasm – not to mention their willingness to tidy up after each session!

A Year 4 pupil commented, “It was the most fun music lesson ever. Our class had an amazing time, creating lots of exciting rhythms and seeing who could make the loudest noise! It was also fun to learn to dance (it’s a bit like a wiggle really) like they do in Brazil. I hope that maybe one day I can visit Brazil to see it for real.”

There is no doubting that the workshop has really inspired our pupils to experiment and explore their environment for new and exciting musical instruments. Our thanks go to Nick for his enthusiasm and energy throughout all of the workshops.