King's Worcester

25 May

CCF Mess Night Returns

This year, the annual CCF Mess Night was celebrated at Puckrup Hall near Tewkesbury. With restrictions prohibiting the dinner from taking place for the last two years, cadets and officers were eager to attend and over 100 reservations were made, with the majority being current pupils ranging from LR through to U6 as well as several Old Vigornians in attendance, including one former Senior Cadet now in his nineties!

For many Lower Removes, this would have been their first time attending a mess dinner and they were introduced to formal attire and mess etiquette, as well as plenty of entertainment from the speeches and mess games.

The term “Mess Night” comes from the name given to the place where members of the military meet to relax and eat, the Mess; this derives from the old French word ‘mes’ which means a ‘portion of food’ A Mess Night is a formal occasion, usually a black-tie (or “Mess Kit”) affair with all the ceremony you would expect of such an event and a whole lot more besides!

The event started with drinks and photographs in the hotel gardens, followed by a three-course meal and the traditional loyal toast to Her Majesty, and concluding with mess games. There were several speeches made throughout the evening, from both current pupils and officers, which reflected how hard the cadets had worked this year through challenging circumstances. The contingent had written to Her Majesty to send their loyal greetings for her Platinum Jubilee, and her reply was read out to the assembled company.

Awards were handed out to the Best Cadets in each section and year group, as well as overall endeavour awards. The Upper Sixth in particular were congratulated for their hard work and dedication to the Cadet Force over the several years they have participated. They have truly inspired the younger cadets to follow in their footsteps and achieve great things. They, in return, thanked all the adult staff for their committed support. Everyone then retired to the bar, where they indulged in a range of light-hearted physical and intellectual challenges known as mess games.

As always, the Mess Night provided the opportunity for the RAF and Army sections and the officers to come together and bond as a contingent, encouraging comradery and building lifelong relationships and friendships.

A special thank you on behalf of everyone in attendance was made to Sophie Pitts, L6, for finding the venue and planning and coordinating the event superbly.

All photographs from the event can be viewed and purchased from BMS Photography.