King's Worcester

23 September

CCF Promotions, Awards and Recruits’ Passing Out Parade

King’s CCF held their formal Promotions Parade on Friday 10th September in College Green.

Formal Promotions Parades take place each term in the CCF, but the parade at the beginning of the school year is a particularly important one as it recognizes the achievements of the previous year and establishes the organization of the Contingent Cadet NCOs for the year to come.

In this parade, seven cadets were promoted to Sergeant, including Jamie W and Rhys W as the Senior NCOs in the Army and RAF Sections respectively, Hazel Z-B as the Cadet Chief Instructor, Catrin L and Sophie L as the Senior NCOs for the Recruits – now to be known as Fenton Platoon, in honour of the founder of KSW CCF, Major Bede Liddell Fenton – and Alice C and Tom K-D as Senior NCOs in charge of the Fifth Form Army and RAF cadets.

King's CCF Promotion Parade

A further five cadets were promoted to Corporal and thirteen to Acting Corporal, a position that will be confirmed once they have completed their own current training.

The Headmaster presented passing out certificates to last year’s Recruits, the Endeavour Cup to Bethan T, the Featherstone Shooting Cup to Jamie W and the award for the Best Recruit  to Fin I. He also bestowed the Contingent Commander, Maj Ellen, with a clasp to be added to his Cadet Forces Medal in recognition of his sixteen years of service in the cadet forces.

King's CCF Promotion Parade 2021

CCF Promotion Parade Images

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