King's Worcester

26 July

CCF Summer Camp


With the restrictions of COVID, CCF Summer Camp had to be run rather differently this year. Rather than spend the week at a residential camp, cadets were based at home but enjoyed a week of activities based in and around school. Army Section cadets went through two busy days learning about cadet weapon systems and passing their weapon handling tests. These tests are all about safety and are taken every six months; Marksmanship is also an important skill. Before anyone fires a weapon on a range we have to make sure they understand how to use it, understand how to clean it and maintain it, are able to react to commands we give them and most importantly are safe when using it.

CCF KIng's

The RAF Section spent most of the week training side by side with the Army Section. However, whilst the Army section completed their Skill at Arms training, the RAF Section learned about the Principles of Flight and put their skills to the test on a flight simulator. They also revised and practised their land navigation skills and completed the orienteering course at King’s Hawford.

Leadership and team building are key parts to life in the CCF. Throughout their training new recruits and junior cadets are introduced to the concepts of planning, preparation and working together to problem-solve through Command Tasks. More senior cadets are introduced to the seven leadership behaviours, the Orders process and basic field tactics. Some are even lucky enough to attend prestigious national leadership courses run by the Army and the RAF. The ability and confidence to take the lead, listen to others, make decisions, apply rewards and discipline, recognise strengths within a team and how best to employ them to achieve the goal are all important life lessons that can be taken into whatever our cadets choose to do later on in life.

King's CCF Expedition

During our summer camp cadets were lucky enough to spend a day learning exactly what West Mercia Search and Rescue do and were able to learn and practise some of the key skills involved in being a Search Technician with the team. Thank you to the volunteers from the team who came down to help.

CCF Search and Rescue

However, it wasn’t all hard work at this summer camp. Our cadets went to Aztec Adventures for a day of splashing around on Stand-Up Paddleboards, Canoes and Kayaks and experienced the high ropes course as well. Adventurous Training is an important part of the CCF. It tests courage and determination within a safe and controlled environment but most importantly…it’s fun!!

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