King's St Alban's

8 March

Latest news: Celebrating Inspirational Women.

International Women’s Day has been celebrated globally for over a century and today’s King’s St Alban’s assembly focussed on the importance of marking this event. Children in Years 3 to Year 6 joined together to learn about the achievements of women in the fields of science, politics, sport and academia. The celebration started with a modern version of the song I’m Every Woman introducing women in many languages from all over the world. Resilient. Strong. Powerful. 

We reflected on the ways of the past, when women were often denied opportunities or considered to be less capable or less important than men. We looked at how things have changed; the children were inspired by the influential achievements of Jane Austen, Marie Curie, Rosa Parks, Florence Nightingale, Harriet Tubman and Amelia Earhart: all female role models, working for greater equality. We also considered more recent pioneers such as Sarah Gilbert, Malala Yousafzai and Jacinda Ardern, who have all demonstrated great courage along with formidable leadership qualities 

With great pride, we listened to our headmaster, Mr Chapman, as he spoke about all the previous Headteachers at King’s St Alban’s being male. Indeed, all the King’s St Alban’s houses are named after previous male leaders. He spoke passionately about hoping that King’s St Alban’s will one day appoint a female headteacher and encouraged all children to make the most of all the opportunities available to them. He is a headmaster who continues to uplift women so our school community can work together to ensure gender equality.  

The King’s Foundation has made significant movements over the past 12 months by appointing Jennie Phillips as the first female head at King’s Hawford. Patricia Preston is our first female Chair of Governors and we welcome the move by Worcester Cathedral to open the choristership musical opportunity to girls on an equal basis for the first time. There is much to celebrate close to home! The children shared dreams of becoming an architect, a vet, an author and a marine biologist. We feel very lucky that we live in a society where both boys and girls are supported to chase these ambitions. 

Whilst there is much to celebrate, gender disparity still exists in many aspects of life across the world. We stand with you in allowing choice, opinion and opportunity to be available to all. Resilient. Strong. Powerful.  

The assembly concluded with a prayer for International Women’s Day.


Dear God, 

On this International Women’s Day, we give thanks for the gifts, leadership and contributions of women in all areas of life and society.  

We acknowledge that there is unfairness in our world. You created a world where you made both male and females equal. Help us to mark International Women’s Day by making one small step towards greater fairness and parity. 

Help us today to be mindful of the words we use. Help us to consider not only our words but also our underlying beliefs and attitudes. Help our attitudes to be loving, kind and fair. 

We pray for an end to all violence and for safety for all.  We hope all of us can work together to create a world where everyone is equal.