King's St Alban's

4 February

Celebrating numbers!!

Today we are celebrating Number Day in aid of the NSPCC and so we had a slightly different assembly from Mr Chapman this morning, all about numbers.


He began by showing a song by They Might Be Giants, who are well known for their popular maths and science themed music.  This particular song was all about the number seven, after which the children were tasked to come up with as many facts about ‘7’ as they could. In no time at all we had a string of answers covering everything from the colours of the rainbow to Harry Potter!  Mr Chapman also managed to combine his fascination with maths with his love of cycling by telling a story which demonstrated that it would be extremely difficult to pass on information if numbers did not exist.  In order that that pupils understand what their £2 contribution will help to support, Mr Chapman went on to tell them about the work the NSPCC does to ensure that all children have a safe and happy childhood.


Throughout the day, the children will take part in a multitude of maths and number based activities, from treasure hunts to Roman numerals and code cracking.