King's St Alban's

25 March

Celebrating Success: Spring Term Week 11

There was plenty of celebrating to be done as we welcomed Holly, Maddie, Maggie, Aby and Emily from our victorious Superball netball team. As those of you who watched the match will know (and if you didn’t, just watch the last 3 minutes!) the girls were a testament to Growth Mindset and Perseverance.  We then listened to Tom, currently in the Upper Fourth in the Senior School, who treated us to a fabulous saxophone solo.  What a treat! Thank you, Tom.


  • Charlie received this week’s Super Star award for his engagement and enthusiasm in all lessons.

Year 1

  • A Focus certificate was awarded to Henry for fantastic effort with his creative writing.
  • Hugo received a Super Star award for working really hard in lessons all week.

Year 2

  • Henry’s writing earned him an Independence certificate.
  • Aubrey is the class Super Star thanks to his continued enthusiasm in all lessons.

Year 3

  • Well done to Will, Georgia, Emma, Rosie, Archie and Albert, who all worked really hard on short division in maths this week.
  • Mrs Atkinson nominated her whole class for a mention in today’s assembly, for their fantastic work in science. She confessed to being a tough task-master in terms of her expectations but the children all rose to the challenge, showing perseverance, positivity and staying power throughout a difficult lesson writing about the pollination of flowers.  Well done, 3A, you really deserved your round of applause!

Year 4

  • 4R have been working on the tricky task of explanation text, and Alice, Lily E, Laura and Shreya proudly showed us their excellent work.

Year 5

  • Mrs Pitts took Jack B, Arthur, Ace and Conor to Bromsgrove School yesterday, to take part in a maths challenge, and all of them performed extremely well.
  • Well done to Rory, on passing Grade 6 piano exam with Merit.  After receiving his certificate he calmly proceeded to play the piano for this week’s hymn!

Year 6

  • Well done to Sidney and Alice on some super maths work on pie charts.
  • Daisy, Lucia and Alice were congratulated on their wonderful book cover designs.
  • Well done, Mihika and Harry, on some fantastic GYM homework.
  • Mrs Lewis requested a shout-out for George H, who always gives his best.  A committed chorister, he is always a super role model and this was notably demonstrated when learning the 6KB dance for Creative ConneXions.  Well done, George!

In other news:

  • Mrs Atkinson has been incredibly impressed by the members of our Eco Committee.  Representing all year groups in the Prep School, the children are full of ideas to help us achieve a Green Flag eco award.
  • Seventeen times tables awards were made this morning, including Gold awards for Mea, Penny, Harry B, Eddie H, Barnaby J, J-M, Felix, Ollie KD, Lex, Tommy E and Alex.
  • After a difficult few days of decision making, we were delighted to announce the winners of our poetry recitation completion.  The winners  will perform their pieces at next week’s long-awaited Creative ConneXions performances:








Jack P