King's St Alban's

11 March

Celebrating Success: Spring Term, Week 9

Celebrating Success: It was wonderful to gather the whole school together today for our weekly Celebration Assembly.

In recognition of today’s Foundation-wide Ukraine Day, the children listened to the recording of the Senior School Chamber Choir’s performance of the Ukrainian Folk Song, Shchedryk.  If you have not yet seen this incredibly moving piece, which was performed during the Ash Wednesday service in the Cathedral, then do have a look here.


This was followed by a wonderful jazz performance by Lower Remove saxophonist, Olivia.  Thank you, Olivia.



  • Tiegan was awarded the class Super Star certificate for the huge effort she has put into her handwriting.


Year 1

  • Rudy was this week’s Super Star for being a kind, thoughtful and hard-working member of the class.
  • Julietta earned a Perseverance certificate for working through her maths challenges.


Year 2

  • For superb focus, enthusiasm and interaction in remote lessons, Ben received an award for Perseverance.
  • Zack is the Year 2 Super Star this week, thanks to his terrific independent working.


Year 3

  • Mrs Atkinson was incredibly pleased with all of her class this week for the hard work and pride they took in writing their poems for Creative ConneXions.
  • Well done to super-swimmer, Ariya, who has progressed from Stage 4 to Stage 7 in just 12 months.


Year 4

  • As part of last week’s Be a Bookworm activities, 4R chose ten new words from books they were reading and then used them to write sentences. Well done to Alice, Humphrey, Laura, James and Shreya for their excellent work.
  • 4R have been busy writing letters from the perspective of a Roman soldier and Sebastian, Joel, Phoebe, Florence and Reuben were congratulated on their thoughtful and imaginative work.
  • Well done, and thank you, to Lily E, who (kindly assisted by her Mummy) has been making friendship bracelets and selling them in aid of Ukraine.  She has raised a magnificent £186 which will be added to the money collected across the school today.


Year 5

  • Well done to Izzy L, Katie, Barnaby J and Emily who received the term’s first Hero handwriting certificates
  • Japanese artist, Kasamatsu, was the inspiration for Year 5’s art lessons and Mortimer, Georgia and Lee produced some excellent work.
  • Thank you and well done to all of 5E on delivering a superb assembly yesterday.


Year 6

  • Ollie KD, Elin, Mea, Olivia K and Lex were congratulated on the beautifully presented and informative posters they created about global warming.
  • In art, Year 6 have been looking at traditional African patterns and Elin, Harry and Mihika proudly showed us their wonderful work.
  • Well done, Yiming, on achieving a Silver award in the Regional bonus Round of the Primary Maths challenge.
  • At very short notice, Eddie U spoke to the school to give feedback from this week’s School Council meeting.  He spoke eloquently and confidently, which is no mean feat in front of the whole school!



  • Well done to Lottie F and Yifei, who took part in their first gymnastics competition and both scored extremely well.
  • Congratulations to Jack, Sam, Patrick, Lex, Tommy, Guy, Eddie, Harry and Peter who played in the ISFA Football Tournament at Repton School.  The boys represented the school incredibly well, both on and off the pitch.
  • Ralphie received a well-earned round of applause for scoring seven goals in his match this week.  Well done, Ralphie!


In other news!

  • Children in Years 5 and 6 joined forces in AFP this week and those in Mrs Etherington’s group were tasked with ‘against the clock’ research of a country of their choice.  The posters which the children then produced were wonderfully presented as well as being incredibly informative.  Well done to Felix and Conor, Arabella and Lily, Liv and Olivia, Georgia and Iman, Persephone and Elin, Katie and Tia, Adil and George, Ivy and Ollie.
  • The Parents’ Social Group are organising a Spring Fayre and ran a competition for pupils to design a poster to advertise the event.  Cerys was the winner for Pre-Prep and Alice W (birthday girl today – and yes, we did all sing to her!) was the Prep School winner.
  • Mrs Lewis was delighted with last week’s Chance to Dance performances.  There was a fantastic variety of solo and group dances.  Well done all who took part.


Be a Bookworm

  • As part of our Be a Bookworm activities, we ran a competition to redesign a favourite book cover and also the ‘blurb’ on the back sleeve.  There were so many great entries that it was genuinely very difficult to choose winners.  Well done everyone who took part and in particular, the following:



Runner up Winner
3A Mia Marnie
4J Sebastian Sienna Y
4R Lottie Millie
5E William Eshal
5P Katie Oliver
6HM Guy Evie
6DB Eddie Florence
6KB Felix Persephone

Celebrating success as a school is a very important part of our week. Well done to all of our pupils.