King's St Alban's

29 April

Celebrating Success: Summer Term Week 2

Thank you to Alfred, from King’s Sixth Form, for an unusual start to today’s assembly.  Alfred played Farewell to Whalley Range, a traditional folk jig, on a tin whistle.  Thank you, Alfred, for such a lively start to the day!


  • For always being a kind friend, Nell received a certificate for Kindness.

Year 1

  • Poppy was awarded a certificate for her fantastic Focus in all of her lessons.
  • Bertie received a Super Star award for his great enthusiasm.

Year 2

  • For being a kind and thoughtful friend, Kasvika received a Kindness certificate.
  • Romie has settled in to Year 2 so well that she was awarded a Super Star award.
  • The children have been creating portraits of inspirational people on iPads this term.  Ben proudly showed us his picture of Beethoven and Cerys showed her portrait of Florence Nightingale.

Year 3

  • All of Year 3 are currently having an amazing time at Oaker Wood so we will save their achievements until next week’s assembly

Year 4

  • A Growth Mindset was definitely needed in 4R this week, when the children began revision work on fractions.  Well done to Lottie, Martha, Laura, Jack, Rory, Lily, James and Sam for really pushing themselves when the work became tricky.
  • 4J have been looking at how to use possessive apostrophes and Helena, Lily, Aelwen and Sienna were congratulated on their excellent work.
  • Well done to Joel, who received his Gold times tables certificate.

Year 5

  • Mrs Kilbey congratulated Katie, Arthur, Ace and Rory on getting full marks in a recent French test. “Félicitations à vous tous!”
  • Well done to Emily, who earned a distinction in her Grade 2 singing exam.

Year 6

  • 6DB have been recording their performances of the poem, The Listeners, and then converting it to a story.  Well done to Alanna, Lily-Mae, Scarlett and Florence, who all did extremely well.
  • The story of the Titanic was the inspiration for 6HM’s time travel stories and both Daisy and JM were congratulated on their imaginative work.
  • Well done to Evie for passing her Bronze times tables award.
  • Seb was delighted to get back on the slopes this Easter, achieving new proficiency on Black runs and “three-sixties.”
  • A keen member of our Eco Committee, Florence has created “Lights Off” signs which will be displayed in all classrooms.

Charitable work

We are always keen to help our pupils raise funds for charities which are dear to them and it was wonderful to be able to congratulate four children on their superb efforts.

  • Scarlett raised £215 by donating her hair to the Little Princess Trust
  • Liv took part in a 6km Wolf Run, tackling mud, water and scramble nets to raise £400 for the National Autism Society
  • Eddie cycled 15 miles and ran 2 miles to Worcester Sixways Stadium and raised £2600 for St Richard’s Hospice
  • You may remember Leo’s collaboration with Waitrose to combat food poverty.  Waitrose have been in touch to tell him that so far he has helped to raise over £1.6 million for food banks across the country through his ‘donate at the till’ idea.  This is an astonishing achievement.  Well done Leo.