King's St Alban's

13 May

Celebrating Success: Summer Term Week 4

Thank to very much to Fifth Form pupil, Florence, who wowed the KSA children by singing in Italian for this morning’s assembly.  She then rushed off to her last day at Big King’s before GCSE exam leave starts.  Good luck to Florence and all in Fifth Form over the coming weeks.


  • Well done to Hugo who received a Perseverance certificate for his excellent independent writing.

Year 1

  • George was awarded a certificate for Independence for his excellent attitude in class this week.
  • For slotting back into the school routine after his illness, Henry received a Super Star award.  Welcome back, Henry!

Year 2

  • Nell earned a Co-operation certificate for working well with everyone in her class.
  • Ben was the class the Super Star thanks to his excellent creative writing.

Year 3

  • Year 3’s studies on the Ancient Egyptians taught them that, unusually for time, women were treated as equal to men and as such there were inspirational rulers of both sexes.  Inspired by this, the children wrote about their own role models and explained why they are an inspiration to them.  Well done to Louie, Sofia, Archie, Ben, Will, Zara and Skye, whose role models include David Attenborough, Meryl Streep and in Zara’s case, her big sister!
  • Art lessons in Year 3 have also been inspired by Ancient Egypt, with some fantastic paintings of scarab beetles, which represent rebirth.

Year 4

  • Well done to Arslan, Humphrey, Martha, Lily E, James and Laura who were congratulated for their sentence structure, spelling and presentation in their recent comprehension work.
  • The ‘tricks of the writer’s trade’ were used to great effect by Monty, Sam, Lottie, Shreya and Alice when writing about their recent residential visit to the Pioneer Centre.  Well done, all of you!

Year 5

  • Conor, Mortimer, Iman, Eddie and Leo received a round of applause for their fantastic ‘gruesome spell’ poems, inspired by Adrian Mitchell’s Woman of Water.
  • The children have been creating illuminated initials in RE.  Well done to Penny, Harry, Tia, George, Iman, Katie, Izzy and Jack for some superb work.
  • In science, the children have been honing their research skills to learn about light. Sienna C, Tia, Sienna D, Will, Erin and Harry were congratulated on their neat and informative work.

Year 6

  • Year 6 have been writing time travel stories, using such historical settings as the Great Fire of London and the Titanic. By making excellent use of the ‘tricks of vocabulary and the writer’s trade,’ Eamon, Arabella, Mia and Alice created some wonderful stories.  Well done, all of you.

Music Successes:

  • There have been a fantastic number of music examination successes for KSA pupils.  Budding pianists, Jack B, Harry B, George B, Skye, Arabella, Ollie KD, Lex and Jack T all passed piano exams.  Mia, Immie, Liv and Izzy T all passed flute exams. Seb passed his trombone exam, Jack T passed on bassoon and Tom B earned a merit on the drums.  Congratulations to you all!
  • Mrs Argent named Katie F ‘pupil of the week’ as she had clearly been practising her flute playing over the Easter break.

Other news

  • Henry I was so moved by the plight of Ukrainian children that he donated his toys to charity.  We are very proud of you, Henry.
  • Marnie brought in the vault and floor medals she earned with the City of Worcester Gymnastics Club.  She also won the club’s Easter Bonnet competition!  Well done, Marnie.
  • Charlotte earned medals for her novice solo, tap and ballet performances.