King's St Alban's

20 May

Celebrating Success: Summer Term Week 5

Thank you to Sazan for opening our assembly with a wonderful Flamenco guitar solo.  It was lovely to see the admiration on some of our younger guitar players.


  • Archie received this week’s Super Star certificate for his enthusiasm in all his lessons.
  • Akshay, Nell, Charlie and Tiegan were congratulated on the amazing progress they have made with their handwriting.  Well done, all of you!
  • All the children in Reception have been very caring towards their new visitors, Tina, Sprinkles, Lemon, Fluffy, Peter and Sunny, the six chicks who hatched over the course of Sunday and Monday.

Year 1

  • Well done to Daisy, who earned a Focus certificate for her enthusiasm in creative writing.
  • Elodie is the class Super Star thanks to her great listening skills and mature attitude in class.

Year 2

  • Henry earned a Perseverance certificate for practising his breathing techniques to help his concentration.
  • Millie’s positive attitude and great work ethic earned her the Super Star award for this week.  Well done, Millie!
  • In art, the children have been painting bees and Mrs Cain asked Aubrey, Nell and Greta to show us their excellent pictures.

Year 3

  • Mrs Atkinson has been very proud of Brodie as he has not being feeling 100% but showed great resilience and kept going throughout the week.
  • Mark was congratulated on the huge improvement he has made with his handwriting.

Year 4

  • The children have been writing dragon poems and Rook earned a round of applause for his excellent use of descriptive language.
  • Shreya is the first child in Year 4 to achieve a Rainbow Times Tables award. Fabulous work, Shreya!
  • In Mrs Lewis’ humanities lessons the children have been researching a country of their choice and she was particularly impressed with Sienna, who studied Poland (and even brought in some Polish sweets!), Karla, who looked at France and Helena, who researched Croatia.

Year 5

  • Emily, Tia, William, Sienna C, Peter and Erin were congratulated on the wonderful abstract ideas they incorporated in their potion-making poems.

Year 6

  • Inspired by their visit to the Isle of Wight, 6HM have written about their time there.  Well done to Lara, Lucia, Jess and Evie on some superb reports.
  • 6KB learned about the Battle of Stalingrad in humanities and Ollie, Ivy, Mea, Felix and Elin wrote clear and concise accounts with well-drawn maps.
  • Seb, George, Persephone, Liv and Izzy were congratulated on their excellent time travel stories.
  • Using characters from Greek mythology as inspiration, 6DB have been writing stories about morals.  Well done to Henry and Alanna on their excellent work.


  • Well done to Henry I who was presented with the Worcester Rugby Club Brave Heart Award for sportsmanship.
  • Charlotte continued her running success in two more races, one for a quarter mile and one for a mile.
  • Huge congratulations to Mia, who came second overall and very proudly showed us the silver medal she won in the Worcester Swimming Club Winter League Finals.
  • The five girls who represented King’s St Alban’s at the IAPS finals in London earned a round of applause today.  Well done to Lilly-Mae, Mia, Lucia, Lara and Immie. You can read more about their outstanding achievements here.