King's St Alban's

17 June

Celebrating Success: Summer Term Week 8

Thank you to Louis, from the Lower Remove in the Senior School, who opened our assembly by playing the guitar and singing Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons. It was a stunning performance!



  • Charlie was the Super Star this week, thanks to the tremendous effort he has put in to all his lessons.

Year 1

  • Bertie showed excellent focus when writing directions for the pirate to reach his treasure chest and so earned a certificate for Focus.
  • Persie’s all-round excellent effort earned her the Super Star award for this week.

Year 2

  • Consistent focus in all his lessons earned Ben a Focus certificate.
  • Cerys received a Super Star award for her hard work in maths when looking at the tricky subject of fractions.
  • Alex has shown great determination and made the most of the help he has been given to make fantastic progress with his recorder playing.

Year 3

  • Well done to Laura and Sienna on passing the Rainbow times-tables award in maths.
  • In science, 3A have been learning about micro-organisms, and how some are harmful and others are helpful.  Well done to Tommy, Skye, Madie, Will, Ariya and Rosie on your excellent written accounts.
  • Well done to Will on a hugely successful cake-sale in aid of Ukraine this week.  It was so successful, in fact, that we ended up holding a two-day cake-sale and raising £150.

Year 4

  • Mrs Argent named Sam T as her player of the week for his fabulous commitment to playing (and practising!) the flute.
  • Well done to Tom, who passed Grade 2 with Merit on his electric guitar.
  • Charlotte came 2nd in two categories at the M&M Dance competition. Well done, Charlotte!

Year 5

  • As part of their focus on using Tricks of the Writer’s Trade in creative writing, 5P have been learning how to “show but don’t tell” readers about a setting.  Well done to Jack, Iman, Ace, Katie, Georgia and Mortimer on some fantastic work.
  • Well done to Ivan on some superb work on fractions this week.
  • In art, the children have made native American tepees.  Katie and Ollie proudly showed us their superb designs.

Year 6

  • Last week 6HM enjoyed their week looking at Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Mr Braithwaite was very impressed with the enthusiasm and effort put in by the whole class.  Evie, Jess, Guy, Yiming and Alice earned a special mention for their poetry and ‘story so far’ pieces.
  • In art, Year 6 have been studying Picasso and have produced some stunning portraits in his style.  Well done to Barnaby, Lara and Evie on their excellent pieces.
  • Congratulations to J-M, Ollie KD, Felix, Patrick, Eamon and Yiming, who represented KSA at the Primary Maths Challenge held at Bromsgrove School. Mea and Elin also took part but as they are away at the Old Chapel today; we will congratulate them next week.

Times tables certificates

  • Nineteen certificates were awarded this morning, including Gold for Will B, Evie R, Helena and Sienna Y.  Arslan, Reuben, Joel and Skye received their Platinum certificates.  Well done all of you!

And Finally!

  • Rory, from Year 5, is now a familiar face at the piano during assembly as he regularly plays the day’s hymn.  However, his peers were delighted to see him play the organ in the Cathedral yesterday.  He played two pieces prior to the service, then also played hymn and another two pieces as the children left. This is an unprecedented achievement for a ten year old.  Well done, Rory!