King's St Alban's

16 December

Celebration Assembly 16th December 2020

We began todays assembly by congratulating all those who took part in the many and varied Christmas events which marked the end of the most unusual Autumn term we have ever experienced!  22 children took part in the Informal Concert via Zoom, there was the delightful Pre-Prep Nativity, the Junior School Carol Service and the Christmas Concert which was recorded in the Chapel. Finally, last week saw the Year 6 Dance and Drama Clubs’ superb production of Harry Rings, Lord of the Potters.  Well done to all pupils who have taken part in these events; we are very proud of you all!  You can watch all these fantastic performances here.

Every Friday afternoon, Mrs Ricketts runs Newspaper Club and today we congratulated the club on another excellent edition of KSA Junior News.  Two silver and two bronze times tables certificates were awarded along with certificates for Jasper and Cerys in Year 1 who have achieved full marks in every dictation exercise this term.

After much deliberation from Sara and Mrs Cain, we announced the winners of this year’s Christmas Tree Decoration Competition.  Well done to Daniel in Reception, Cerys in Year 1, Ariya in Year 2, Anna and Sienna in Year 3 and Oliver in Year 4. As there are more pupils in Years 5 and 6, and so many wonderful entries, we decided to allow three winners!  Well done to Mia, Yiming and Jessica from Year 5 and Melissa, Florence and Henrietta from Year 6.

Finally, Yiming took centre stage to complete our final assembly of the year in unique style.  Last week Yiming delighted his peers by solving his Rubik’s Cube in super quick time so today he brought his cube back into school for a Rubik Challenge. After Mr Chapman diligently jumbled up the cube, the timer was set and Yiming started twisting.  Just 47 seconds later the cube was solved! Thank you and well done, Yiming, for a fascinating and unique end to today’s assembly!