King's St Alban's

19 March

Celebration Assembly 19th March 2021

It has been another incredibly busy week as KSA, and the number of ‘shout outs’ in Celebration Assembly is testament to the hard work that is going on throughout the school.  Here are the highlights of this week’s assembly:


  • A big well done to Persie in Reception for her independence and focus when writing a descriptive piece about a terrible creature based on the Gruffalo.
  • The superstar award goes to Elodie this week – good girl!
  • A special mention goes to Alban in Year 1 for his focus on handwriting.
  • Nell in Year 1 has a superstar award for her unfailing positive attitude.
  • Fantastic effort and focus from Archie.
  • Well done to Mia for the effort put into her spellings.
  • Elodie and Marnie did fantastically well in ‘book bingo’ for World Book Week.
  • Well done to Rosie and Emma in Year 2 for their wonderful Great Fire of London paintings.

Junior School

  • In 3E’s English lessons, Laura, Martha, Ollie H, Charlotte, Reuben and Tom all wrote very imaginative prequels to the ‘Colour Monster’ as a way to describe their feelings – fantastic work!
  • Year 3 went to the playground for a maths lesson about 3D shapes, well done all of you for some super work.
  • On Wednesday, Year 3 had afantastic afternoon of outdoor learning:
    • Ollie and Magnus made a firepit and a tent made of leaves for their pebble monsters.
    • Martha and Phoebe made a shelter for their pebbles, complete with a leaf blanket.
    • Well done to all of year 3 for their enthusiasm!
  • Sienna Y drew an incredible book cover for Matilda by Roald Dahl.
  • Lily E made a phenomenal 3D model of Hagrid’s hut from Harry Potter.
  • 4J have been working on story writing using the Tricks of the Writers Trade. Rory, Arthur and Isabelle all made excellent contributions and took great pride in their work.
  • Year 5 showed great perseverance when writing poetry about the mind. Evie, Adil, Sam, Alice and Scarlet all wrote particularly imaginative and impressive poems – fantastic work!
  • 6DB looked at Shakespeare’s speech ‘The Seven Ages of Man’ and then created a modern version. Special mention goes to Evie G, Daniel and Luca for their fantastic work.
  • Year 5 have been working on coastal settlements and Olivia, Felix, Mia and Lex created some amazing posters – superb work all of you!
  • Set 1 maths in Year 5 have been working on reflections and co-ordinates, with Lex, Eamon, Yiming and Ollie making some fantastic progress!
  • 6HM have been writing modern versions of ‘All The Worlds a Stage’ with great group work by Seb and Jinc and very imaginative writing from Lucy.
  • Mrs Kilbey has enjoyed hearing some wonderful live French speaking from all year groups this week. A special mention goes to Martha in 3E for her excellent aural skills!
  • Evie P and Gracie in Year 6 have been doing some exemplary maths work – fantastic work girls!
  • Laura in 3E has obtained a Merit in her Grade 1 in Piano exam – well done, Laura!

Book Blurb Competition

The Junior School took part in a book blurb competition this week with the winners receiving an Easter egg as a prize:

  • Year 3
    • 3A: Runner up: Lily E. 1st place: William
    • 3E: Runner Up: Laura. 1st place: Martha
  • Year 4
    • 4J: Runner Up: Sienna. 1st place: Arthur
    • 4R: Runner Up: Harry. 1st place: Erin
  • Year 5
    • 5P: Runner Up: Ivy. 1st place: Guy
    • 5L: Runner Up: Eddie 1st place: Mihika
  • Year 6
    • 6HM: Runner Up: Florence. 1st place: Pari
    • 6DB: Runner Up: Anna. 1st place: Willoughby
    • 6KB: Runner Up: Benedict. 1st place: James P