King's St Alban's

2 October

Celebration Assembly 2 October 2020

After this morning’s thought provoking Harvest Festival led by Dr Dorsett, Mr Chapman welcomed back the children in Reception and Years 1, 2 and 5 during celebration assembly. They all did incredibly well during their two weeks isolation but it is wonderful to see them working hard and having fun in school again.

We had a slightly shorter Celebration Assembly than usual today, though there was plenty of time to award this week’s Pre-Prep Superstars with their certificates!  Well done to Julietta, who always joins in activities with a smile, to Persie, who showed a great Growth Mindset and pushed herself out of her comfort zone with her learning this week and to Zara for being such a kind friend.  Well done also to Isy for her can-do attitude and self-confidence, to Millie for her enthusiasm and independence and to Alban for showing super concentration in all his lessons.

Year 3 enjoyed a visit from local dentist and former King’s student, Rupert Monkhouse, this week.   Rupert spoke to the children about dentistry and how to look after your teeth, backing up the work they have been doing in science.  Mrs Atkinson has been delighted with her class this week.  They are taking on board advice from their teachers, taking responsibility for their learning and as such have made huge progress in all of their lessons.

It has been a good week for Year 5 mathematicians.  Ivy was commended for listening intently in maths which enabled her to get on with her work very successfully and Taylor Mae was congratulated for being the only child in her set to solve a tricky maths problem.  Harry N challenged himself, choosing to do the most difficult task set and Aiden showed great pace when working on addition and multiplication.

From Year 6, Giles wrote a superb piece about Jewish beliefs, clearly taking great pride in his work and James, Evie, Sam, Angus and Lydia became the first to receive a Bronze times tables certificate.

Finally, well done to Jessica who has passed her Bronze swimming award.