King's St Alban's

22 January

Celebration Assembly 22nd Jan 2021

After another week of fantastic efforts from the children with their remote learning, Celebration Assembly started with a performance from Year 7 King’s Scholar Tom W playing a Grade 5 piece on his oboe. You can watch the full assembly below, but we would like to give a special mention to a number of children who have done especially well:

  • In Reception, well done to Daniel R for his super focus in Maths and to Amber for her fantastic dedication in Phonics.
  • In Year 1, well done to Cerys and Millie for super invitation writing, to Greta for her focus and determination and to Jasper for his speedy and accurate mental maths. Head Teacher awards go to Cerys and Kasvika for their work on the power of the word ‘yet’ in PSHE and for going the extra mile in describing their goals.
  • Great work by Isy in Year 2 with her desert riddle, well done to Will and Archie for excellent maths and also Zara to fantastic perseverance with her maths.
  • From Year 3 there was some very thoughtful work in humanities on the River Severn and the weather from Monty, Ollie, James, Wilf and Lottie. Fantastic topic work on a country of your choice from Charlotte, Martha, Wilf, Sebastian, Carla and Lottie. In science, Year 3 looked at the parts of a flower.  Special mention goes to Lottie for a fantastic flower dissection video and to William for his flower photo.
  • Florence B in Year 4 wrote a really detailed and neat piece of work on how to stay healthy, Mortimer produced some super work on the tricks of the writer’s trade, Isabelle and Iman both did super comprehensions with great efforts at full sentences and ‘Well done’ to Ace who has put in a great deal of effort this week. Year 4 took their next Times Tables tests and well done to Jack and Ace for obtaining their Gold Award, to Mortimer, Harry, Ralphie, Barnaby, Eshal and Leo who got their Silver and to Sienna who got Bronze. There was some great precision work on graphs with Eshal, Leo, Ralphie, Georgia, Erin, Sienna, Barnaby and Jack doing very well. Excellent work from Barnaby for redoing a comprehension without being asked and doing even better the second time! Georgia produced an accurate and detailed graph in science and Ace did some fantastic work on the Mandarin project with a wonderful PowerPoint. In humanities, the children planned a route from Worcester to Istanbul; special mentions for effort go to Leo, Eshal, Iman and Izzy.
  • Scarlett in Year 5 made Mrs Kilbey’s day with a delicious looking crepe cooked at home as part of the French topic on food. Also in French, Sam C is working consistently hard and Jack T impresses in every remote French lesson. Seb also did some great work on French food. Congratulations to Izzy, Harry, Ivy and Mia G for excellent understanding and independence with a challenging piece of creative work. Well done to Taylor-Mae for a wonderful poster on mental health. Felix did a great piece of work on Scratch in IT. JM, Mihika, Sebastian, Yiming and Scarlett all put in a great effort and focus for his comprehension with great results. Eddie did a wonderful job of retelling of the Flannan Isle poem, as did JM, Adil, Ollie KD, Sam, Felix, Jack and Lucia.
  • In Year 6, well done to Katie, James, Lee, Gracie, Heidi and Amelia for great projects on highwaymen. In maths, Benedict, Amelia and Florence were congratulated for consistent hard work as was Seb, who has had a very positive week. Daniel has produced pages of informative and well-illustrated work on ecosystems, and well done to Henrietta and Florence for their impressive ecosystem model. Henry B carried out excellent research to produce a unique science presentation and we saw a super news article from Evie G on horses. Oscar’s work on people living below the poverty line was excellent as was the great piece of work from Willoughby on the Covid Chronicles. Great work from Anna S and Katie F for comprehensive pieces of work for Mr Braithwaite. Benedict R for fantastic work on the Treaty of Versailles. Florence V worked hard on newspaper writing, as did Emily, Sazan, Flo C and Pari. A big well done to Alex for his motivation and quality of his written work.
  • Mrs Cain submitted some phenomenal pieces of Art from the week, a huge mix of geometric shapes and colours. Truly inspiring, well done!
  • In Music this week we have had fantastic success from our budding musicians, to read all about it see our News article. Congratulations to you all on your dedication and well-deserved successes.