King's St Alban's

23 April

Celebration Assembly 23th April 2021

Thank you to Magnus for a wonderful start to the first Celebration Assembly of the summer term, with his performance of The Ballad of Davey Crockett on the piano.

The children in Pre-Prep have been busy this week, with certificates awarded as follows:

Julietta for being kind and thoughtful
Hugo for super focus
Millie for listening and taking advice
Kasvika and Rosie for independent working
Will for his super attitude and hard work

Year 3 have had a wonderful first week back in the classroom.  Mrs Etherington has been very impressed with Anna’s reading, Martha’s confident answers, Humph’s perseverance in maths, Aelwen’s focus and Charlotte’s beautiful handwriting. Mrs Atkinson congratulated Karla on her work ethic and Sebastian on his pace and concentration.

Year 4 enjoyed a ‘100 word challenge’ this week, with Erin and Jack writing fabulous pieces which used the tricks of the writer’s trade to excellent effect.  In science they have been learning about electricity and have created safety posters.  William, Ella, Sienna, Rory and Arthur received a well-earned round of applause for their work. Arthur was also congratulated on his Iron Man comprehension and Peter has impressed Miss Jordan with his super work ethic this week.

Year 5 have been writing an inspiring and imaginative story opener using a picture for inspiration.  Well done to Lucia, Adil, Ollie and George from 5L and Harry, Sidney, Mea, Olivia, Taym and Lily from 5P.  Mrs Lewis was impressed with ALL of her maths set for working hard to learn their times tables.  It has made this week’s lessons on fractions much easier!  A big ‘well done and thank you’ to Liv from the staff in Holiday Club.  Liv was extremely kind and helpful during her time in Holiday Club over the Easter break.

Year 5 are learning about sea horses and Mihika and Florence put together very well researched booklets.

Mia brought in no less than five certificates from the Worcester Competitive Arts Festival, two of which were earned in duets with Florence.  Well done girls!

Finally, well done to Alanna, Ed and Chloe for a fantastic first week at KSA.  You have all settled in, made friends and worked hard.  Well done!