King's St Alban's

8 January

Celebration Assembly 8th January 2021

Although it has not been the first week of term we expected, we have seen an excellent response to online learning from all year groups across the school.  All form teachers have been delighted by the children’s positivity, focus and willingness to work. You can watch the full assembly here, but we would like to give a special mention to a number of children who have done especially well:


  • Daniel R in Reception for naming numbers and colours in French with the use of a dice.
  • Lily E, Wilf, Laura, Tom and Ana in 3E for the excellent stained glass windows they made, inspired by what they had learned about symbolism in RE.
  • Florence in 3E for passing her grade 1 piano exam with distinction.
  • Jack and Sienna in Year 4 for producing excellent world maps with accurate labelling and spelling.
  • Ella in 4J only joined the school this week but she has managed incredibly well, despite not being able to meet her new teacher or classmates!  Big brother, Angus, deserves a mention for completing ALL of the optional tasks this week.  Well done, both of you!
  • Maths Set 2 in Year 5 have submitted some excellent work, particularly Mihika, Florence, Immie, Mea, Lucia, Ollie and Sam R.
  • From Year 5, Sam C, Mea, Henry G, Ivy, Taym, Olivia and Lex impressed Mrs Pitts with the effort and detail in their comprehension work and Mrs Lewis was delighted with the work on maps and coasts from Jack, Felix, Mihika, Imogen, Ollie and Lily.
  • From Year 6, Lex submitted meticulous work on decimals and Lucy’s comprehension piece made excellent use of the text in her answers.  Daniel, Florence V and Alex were congratulated on their work on the British Empire and Willoughby impressed Mr Braithwaite with his excellent story about a storm.  He planned his piece well, used a variety of media for research and, after receiving feedback, wrote a second draft taking on board all of the advice given. Well done, Willoughby, on a superb piece of work.
  • Kick Start 2021 has got off to a great start, with our PE staff providing daily suggestions for ways to keep active during lockdown.  Harry N deserves a mention for his 8m bike ride and both Mia and Florence sent in STRAVA details of the runs they went on.   Mr Chapman is struggling today after his Wattbike ride last night!