King's Hawford

17 June

Celebration Assembly – Summer Term: Week 8

In Celebration Assembly this morning there were a number of new faces to be seen around The Barn. As part of Moving Up Day, children who will be starting at King’s Hawford in September were invited into school to meet their new teacher and classmates. Mrs Phillips started the assembly by extending a warm welcome to all of the new children.

As well as our new starters, we were also joined by a number of staff members from “Big King’s”, who were in school to meet with our current Year 6 cohort. With this in mind, Mrs Phillips kicked off proceedings with awards and prizes for Year 6!

Time is quickly running out for Year 6 to achieve any remaining badges and a sense of urgency has become apparent in Year 6, with a slew of pupils gaining badges of late. Congratulations to the following:

Drama: Edith & Anya

MFL: Emily J

English: Zofia & Jack W

Humanities: Florence B

Music: Edith

PE: Edward S

With all of their awards presented, Year 6 were whisked off by Miss Arnold (Head of Lower Years at King’s Worcester) for a special assembly, whilst the rest of school finished Celebration Assembly.

At King’s Hawford we enjoy celebrating all of the wonderful achievements of our pupils, whether they occur inside or outside of school. This week Isla in Reception was presented with two ballet medals that she had achieved in her own time, the first of which was a Snowdrop Award and the second was a Star Performer Award. Well done Isla – thank you for sharing your successes with us!

This week Evelyn (Y1), Connie (Y1) and Elsa (Y2) have enjoyed visits to the Basket of Brilliance in Mrs Phillips’ office. A number of Year 6 pupils also achieved HTAS this week: Amelia M, Arabella D, Ben E, Daniel L, Emily J, Florence B & Nico C. Well done all on achieving HTAs.

Top House Point Scorer certificates went to the following children: Aoife (Rec), Simi (Y1), Florrie W (Y2), Shaan (Y3), Annabel J (Y4), Lottie H (Y5) and Henry (Y6).

Teddy C was finally presented with his Year 4 Reading Competition Certificate.

Several Year 2 pupils were awarded with Eco and Citizenship badges.

Eco Badges:

Charlotte F, Elsa B-H, Florrie W, Harry J & Olive T-R

Fellowship Badges:

Orla B, Fred W, Florrie W, Charlotte F, Ruby K, Maysie J, Zara O, Jasper P, Ariana P & India B.

Mrs Phillips’ Class Assembly:

With all of the awards for this week handed out, Mrs Phillips shared a new class assembly with the help of some sweet visuals. Using popular chocolates and confectionary, Mrs Phillips cleverly spoke to the children about their school journey. She began by comparing the start of the education journey to a bag of Cadbury Buttons. For many, these buttons are the first taste of chocolate they might experience, just as Reception will be the first experience of education that children take part in.

Next up a Cadbury Flake, which if eaten at the wrong time could be messy! This emphasises the importance of timing and how some things are suited to different environments! The Flake is an outdoor chocolate, just as running around is an outdoor activity.

A bag of Revels represented the unknown! Every day at school is different, requiring children to be brave and take the plunge! It might be orange, it might be coffee – but what is the worst that could happen?

Mrs Phillips then introduced children to the delight of Eucalyptus sweets. None of the children recognised these instantly. This again refers to the unknown, where children are required to be brave and try new things.

The children were quickly surveyed by a show of hands as to how many liked sour sweets. Most put their hands up – just like sour sweets, changes at school can be uncomfortable to start with but then you find the sweet bit and things get better and better.

To crack open a Terry’s Chocolate Orange you need strength! Children also need strength to ensure they get to where they want be as they journey through school.

Like a packet of Celebrations, school is a lovely place when it is shared with friends! Mrs Phillips rounded off her assembly with the good old Cadbury Dairy Milk – a solid and honest chocolate, showing that consistency is a worthy characteristic. By constantly showing up and taking part, pupils are able to form solid friendships that will see them through school and perhaps even beyond.

Duckling Rescue:

Mrs Phillips promised Year 2 that she would fill them in on her daring duckling rescue. To their delight, she recounted the story in full with a few pictures! Mrs Phillips runs along the canal with her dog every morning. During the Easter holidays she was on her return leg when she came across a brood of ducklings who had got themselves into a treacherous situation. They had been fallen down a grating and were being washed up against the bars of a storm drain. Mrs Phillips sped home, deposited Nico, crafted a makeshift duckling saving device (with a sky light pole and a sieve)  before dashing back. On her arrival the ducklings were still trapped and the mother duck was distraught. Mrs Phillips was able to carefully scoop each duckling from the clutches of peril and return them to the safety of their mother. Once Mrs Phillips had placed the sixth duckling back in the canal, Mother Duck swam off, with her brood of tiny ducklings following behind. Well done Mrs Phillips! This was an achievement more than worthy of being shared in Celebration Assembly!

Pre-Prep Praise Assembly:

This week Year’s 1 and 2 gathered together in the shade next to the new flower beds to celebrate all of the achievements of the week. Assembly started on a high note with the children singing Happy Birthday to Jasmine and Ellie.

Star of the Week Awards:

The following children were awarded Star of the Week certificates –

  • Elizabeth C for making great puppets.
  • Ellie H for some excellent work in science looking at animal classifications.
  • Eleanor N for some superb listening.
  • Simi for producing a fantastic newspaper report about ‘Billy’s Bucket’.
  • Jasper for his brilliant attention to detail during independent writing tasks.
  • Izzy for excellent writing and gaining top marks in the spelling test.
  • George for super effort in maths when working on capacity and volume.
  • Olive for excellent story ending writing.

Manners certificates were awarded to:

Sofia R for being polite, tidy and respectful

Zara for making such an effort to keep the school tidy – including picking up litter from the school playground unprompted!

Another excellent week Pre-Prep. Well done to you all.