King's St Alban's

10 November

Charity firmly rooted in the ethos at King’s St Alban’s

Charity work is an important aspect of the King’s St Alban’s ethos. Improving the children’s awareness and understanding of a wide variety of local and international charities is something we can all be proud of.

On Monday, we welcomed Bev Hodt to deliver a Prep school assembly, sharing her passion for supporting children and schools in Gambia. Bev warmed up by teaching the children to speak Gambian!

Pupils heard how life can be dangerous for those children born in the Serekunda region of Gambia before hearing about the daily challenges these children faced: working to collect firewood, to retrieve water from deep wells, scavenging from the nearby rubbish dump and taking risks by fishing on the ocean. Often living without any electricity or clean water, children try to earn money to support family life. Our children reflected upon what we can learn from these values and how we react in the face of challenge.

Project Gambia aims to support children by making their lives safer and paying for improvements in schools and communities. The charity pays for 52 children to go to school, along with providing lunches through a recently launched charity food programme. Bev shared many photographs of happy children, enjoying learning and socialising at school – exactly the same principles as King’s St Alban’s. These children are extremely fortunate to receive support from Project Gambia and at King’s St Alban’s we are proud to support such an amazing charity.

Donating old school uniform was an idea originally suggested by a Year 6 pupil who was keen to make a difference. Upon the arrival of the new King’s school uniform, Jess wrote to Mr Chapman, expressing her desire to collect any old King’s St Alban’s school uniform and support a recycling and sustainability project. We will collect donations over the next week and Bev has organised for these clothes to be delivered to the families in Serekunda next month.

For more information about the incredible work done by the Project Gambia team and for further ways to support, please visit the website As a school we look forward to developing our partnership with Project Gambia.