King's St Alban's

7 February

Children’s Mental Health Week

Children’s Mental Health Week was launched by Place2Be in 2015 with the aim of shining a spotlight on the importance of children and young people’s mental health. At King’s Alban’s we work hard to ensure the pupils in our care are mental health aware.

For this year’s Children’s Mental Health Week we have embraced Place2Be’s theme of ‘Finding your Brave’.

The week kick started with Wake Up, Shake Up, a popular whole school activity designed to get all the pupils and staff moving on the playground. Children from Pre-Prep and Nursery joined pupils from the Junior School to wake up their bodies to music. These sessions are always popular with our children and staff alike. We very much believe that physical health is intrinsically linked to mental health. We repeated the ‘Wake up, Shake Up’ session on Thursday morning with pupils from Year 6 stepping up to lead the rest of the school! We even had a number of brave parents join us!

Children's Mental Health Week

Tuesday’s ‘Wake Up, Shake Up’ was  followed by an assembly called ‘Find Your Brave’. This assembly explored the fact that everyone is different, so what feels brave to one person might not feel brave to another. For example being brave  might mean telling someone about your worries and asking for help. This idea was  explored in a story about a dog who dared to be different and then showed great bravery and kindness. The children went into forms and continued the assembly theme with a ‘Show and Tell’ activity. The children were encouraged to talk about a time when they had been brave and how it had made them feel.

On Wednesday the Junior school joined the Mindfulness in Schools Programme (MiSP) for a nationwide mediation practise in the Chapel just before lunch. They left feeling very calm and relaxed. We regularly use mediation across the school with many lessons starting with a brief session of mindfulness to ensure all children are in a relaxed and positive learning state of mind. Teacher, Liz Lewis has been instrumental in leading the school’s mindfulness  initiative. Liz works closely with the MiSP which is a national charity for young people and schools. She teaches Paws B classes across the school. Liz, who last year completed the MiSP lead trainer course, also offers 8 week mindfulness course to colleagues at the school.

On Thursday the School observed the first ever Inside Out DayThis day called for children and adults to wear and item of clothing ‘Inside Out’ as a way of reminding us that even though someone may look ok on the outside, inside they may be feeling sad of worried. The money raised from this will go to Place2Be to aid all they do for Children’s Mental Health.

Children's Mental Health Week

Head, Mr Chapman said “The happiness and well-being of our children at King’s St Alban’s is our greatest priority. We know that happy children succeed and this philosophy has always been key to school life at KSA. The work that Place2Be do to support and raise awareness of Children’s Mental Health is incredibly important and is something that we are keen to continue to support”.