King's St Alban's

28 February

Choristers compete in Annual Pancake Race

The annual Chorister’s Pancake Race, held in Worcester Cathedral, is definitely a pupil favourite. On Tuesday 150 excited children from King’s St Alban’s lined the Worcester Cathedral cloisters to cheer on the Cathedral Choir. The Cathedral Choir, which is made of of pupils from King’s Worcester including 11 children from King’s St Alban’s, was split into two teams, one for the Decani and one for the Cantoris, along with a few guest  team members. There were different elements to the race along each side of the Cloister – participants had to dribble a football between some cones on one side, balance a small bean bag on their head along another, and pass a hoop over their head on the third, all the time holding a pan with a pancake in it, and flipping it on every corner of the cloister.

The Worcester Cathedral Choristers are the oldest King’s Worcester tradition. The Choristers form a strong team of happy and talented boys, aged from seven. The Pancake Race is a great way for staff and pupils from King’s St Alban’s to show their support for the Choristers. It was a lively and exciting event, the children filled the beautiful and historic venue with noise. There was lots of enthusiastic cheering and roaring to spur the teams on.

It was a brilliant start to the day. Mr Chapman, King’s St Alban’s Head, said: “it was great for the whole school to visit the cloisters of our beautiful Cathedral and support their friends.  It’s one of the more bizarre and less formal events we support at the Cathedral.  It was lovely to see Choristers from 7 to 13 working together and enjoying each other’s company.’