King's St Alban's

14 December

Christmas is cancelled!?

When choosing the play for this term, not for one moment did we imagine that the jokey title, Christmas is Cancelled, would threaten to become remotely prophetic! Anyway, Christmas is still on, thank heavens. And our pupils succeeded in immersing us fully in the Christmas spirit with a lively and satisfying production.

Lilly-Mae, Mia, Ace and Erin portrayed a very believable family whose Christmas shopping spree descends into a hunt for a kidnapped Santa (Taylor). A cash-focused store manager (Elin) and a bibulous fairy (Izzy L) lead them to a gentle Mother Nature (Izzy T), a warm-hearted Sun Queen (Florence) and her efficient assistants, Nosey and Parker (Penny and Tom), picking up the ever-tremulous Toymaker (Persephone) along the way. The Sun Queen’s princesses (Aelwen and Phoebe) delight in their presents from the kindly children. Meanwhile a cold-hearted Ice Queen (Sienna) swears she will purloin all the presents on the face of the Earth in retaliation for her daughter’s disappearance. Eventually, the children’s search discovers the source of the bother. Donna Devine (Penny), rock star extraordinaire, has popped the Ice Princess (Ivy, daughter to the Ice Queen) in her freezer, keen to include such a cool creature in her forthcoming video livestream. Fortunately, the Ice Princess likes freezers (though not frozen peas for pillows) and her safe homecoming puts an end to the all the nastiness. The toy-stealing Snowman (Olivia), henchperson to the Ice Queen, returns all the toys to the shops while Donna’s PA (Jess) is delighted at the outcome. All that remains is for a suitably sceptical police inspector (Ella) to establish whether Mother is pulling his leg when she exhorts him to spearhead a hunt for Santa.

Well done to all the actors that performed a fantastic rendition of Christmas is Cancelled after a very challenging term’s rehearsals, owing to COVID outbreaks and the resulting absences. Well done, one and all!