King's Worcester

16 March

Clear Winners at the Lower Fourth (Year 7) Maths Team Challenge

The Lower Fourth Maths Team Challenge was held on Monday 5th March. In these competitions there are four rounds – two group rounds involving a team effort to problem solving, a group circus where a variety of puzzles are solved in a given time, and the relay which is frenetic as it involves solving maths problems and running. This was another exciting event with the lead changing after the first and second rounds. After the third round, team B1 were established as the leaders and the real race took place for second and third places. The results were decided in the final relay round shown below.

B1 were clear winners with one hundred and one points, while their classmates, team B2, took second place with seventy-nine points. The forms from L4E came next, with E1 finishing third with seventy-seven points and E2 fourth with seventy-six points. Congratulations go to the winning team, Jack Janes, Josh Carr, Lucy Pritchard and Millie Davis.