King's Worcester

6 July

Cleobury Concert with a Live Audience

The Cleobury Concert was the final concert of the school year in the last week of term was the first concert for over a year in which parents were able to attend.

The Cleobury Concert featured a superb range of soloists including Upper Sixth pupils Emma M and Bethan F who both achieved distinctions in their ARSM diplomas during the year.  Upper Remove pupils Riya M and Florence P gave a stunning rendition of  A boy like that, from Bernstein’s West Side Story.

The Chamber Choir has been the most active ensemble during the year and began the concert with three pieces concluding with a beautiful performance of the spiritual Stand by me arranged by Moses Hogan. You can watch this performance here.

There were the first performances for over a year by the Chamber Orchestra and King’s Swingers; the strings played two of the most contrasting pieces you are likely to come across in a concert – Elgar’s popular Salut d’Amour alongside one of the earliest examples of minimalism and aleatoric music (no performance is ever the same!), Terry Riley’s In C.

The Jazz Band’s first rehearsals of the school year took place at the start of the summer term in the garden of No.12. They concluded the evening with two up-tempo numbers, the theme tune to Peter Gunn and Feel the Funk.

Watch the full concert below: