King's Worcester

7 May

Community – A Middle Years Project by Dr Davies

Dr Davies, Head of Middle Years and Teacher of Chemistry, has been doing a brilliant community project with the Middle Years (Lower Remove, Upper Remove and Fifth Form). Following a virtual assembly all about the meaning of community, Dr Davies sent out a survey for pupils to complete, which has had over 200 responses from pupils. The questions/statements were:

1. What does community mean to you? (maximum 3 words) 

Dr Davies commented, “Only a couple of words did not make the cut (because they would not fit), it is so lovely that friends, family, support and togetherness are at the heart of what the Middle school sees as Community.”

2. Name one person who you would like to thank because they have done something nice for you since “lockdown” began. Please do share the reason too, and it does not matter how small a gesture it was. 

Dr Davies said, “The files are a pdf, you will need to zoom in to read the text, with so many responses there are too many to have without it becoming way too many pages. I am sorry it is not as pretty as yesterday. 

It is structured that the name of the person who shared it comes first and then their thanks. From thanking family and friends to thanking random strangers, it is really moving to read such heartfelt thanks. It highlights just how much, even the smallest of acts, can make someone’s day.”

3. Share one random act of kindness you have done since lockdown began.

Dr Davies commented, “these are the really lovely responses to Question 3 of our community survey. I anonymised them as I think this time it is just lovely to read. If these don’t bring a smile to your face today, I don’t know what will. I hope it serves as inspiration/reminder of how important being kind to people is.” 

4. Let’s build a positive community. Pledge one thing you plan to do for a friend, family member or neighbour in the next week.
Dr Davies then compiled the answers into word clouds and PDFs for pupils to reflect back on, and the effect is absolutely fantastic. Have a look as the pdfs below!
Community Question 1

Answers to Community Question 2

Answers to Community Question 3