King's St Alban's

16 February

Concentration and focus for Creative project.

In preparation for our Creative ConneXions 2022, A Night at the Gallery, we invited 2 Faced Dance to run three workshops for our Year 6 pupils. 2 Faced Dance are a professional, all male dance company; they fuse many dance styles including contemporary, ballet and street dance.

Louis Parker Evans, who led the workshop, introduced the children to different dance techniques, from street dance, breakdance and contemporary dance. The children practised these techniques in the warmup and then went on to build them into their class dances. Louis was very keen for the children to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. He went on to stress the importance of sticking with the choreography, as it would get easier with practice. The children worked industriously in pairs and small groups to come up with phrases of movement linked to their themes.

The overall theme for Year 6 is Cultural Diversity; 6KB’s dance is based on an artwork called The British Library, which looks at both celebrated and lesser-known ethnic minorities that have made an impact on society but have not necessarily appeared in the History books. 6HM’s dance is based on Kara Walker’s Black American Fountain (Fons Americanus). The dance explores the themes of escape by sea, refuge denied, forced movement and confinement. Lastly, 6DB’s dance is based on Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Street Art. The dance is about energy, focus and being free with your ideas, thus mirroring graffiti art, which is free from many restrictions.

The children worked on their class dance and at the end of the day they were able to perform what they had created in front of their teachers.

We look forward to seeing how the dances develop over the next few weeks, ready for the performance of A Night at the Gallery in the John Moore Theatre on the 30th and 31st March.