King's St Alban's

5 May

Confirmed Year 2 have boundless energy!

This week, Year 2 have had an amazing residential trip to The Boundless Outdoor Centre in Malvern.  Having left King’s St Alban’s early on Tuesday morning, the cohort were excited and eager to get started.  When we arrived, we were shown to our chalet and we settled into our rooms, unpacking and making our own beds, with a little help from our friends! 

After a delicious packed lunch, we started our first activity, which was the low ropes.  The Year 2 children were paired up and they had a series of obstacles to challenge themselves.  Their favourite involved a huge cargo net and a rope, which they swung from and landed in the net on their back.  It was super to see the children really challenging themselves and having a go at everything.  After this, we started our next activity, which was a wild wood walk.  The children wore an all in one suit for this activity and they were encouraged to get very muddy!  We started off by painting mud on our faces and finished by running through a giant muddy puddle, where a couple of the children managed to lose a welly or two! 

After a hearty dinner that evening, we went to the games room for some evening entertainment, consisting of giant Jenga, indoor bowling and table football.  The children had a story and chocolate brownie before bed and settled down for the night. 

The next day, we were up early and had a hot chocolate around the kitchen table, before our breakfast in the canteen.  Our first activity after breakfast was bird orienteering.  We were put into groups of three, to test our navigation skills.  We were given a map to find wooden birds around the wooded area of the centre, on each of which was a letter.  Once we had found all of the letters, we had to unscramble them to make up the name of a bird.  This task not only tested the children’s map skills, but also their teamwork. 

The final activity for Year 2 was the high bridges.  This activity involved walking along a rope bridge high up in the tree tops, harnessed safely of course!  There was also the added challenge, for those that wished, to walk along a second-high bridge, with large gaps between the stepping planks.  This was a real test of nerve!  The children demonstrated super risk-taking, and they all managed to walk along the first rope bridge, with a few conquering the second bridge too.  They were then carefully lowered down to the ground with their harness.  The children all felt a real sense of achievement and were extremely proud of themselves. 

After a packed lunch, which the children made themselves, we travelled back to school on the minibus, extremely tired, but fulfilled.  The children are already looking forward to their next residential in Year 3!  We would like to thank the Boundless Outdoor Centre in Malvern for such a super experience.