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3 April

Coronavirus Diary with OV Jeremy Thompson

OV Jeremy Thompson (S 61-65) is a former Sky News presenter whose roles with Sky included presenting for the main news programme and being lead anchor on many breaking stories as well as spending time as the USA Chief Correspondent and Africa Correspondent. Jeremy continues to work freelance as a Presenter, Journalist and Author and is currently writing a ‘Coronavirus Diary’ for the Sky News website. Jeremy has been documenting his experiences over the past couple of weeks including flying back to the UK from Spain, sending birthday greetings via phone and Facetime, finding new ways to exercise and more! After experiencing lockdown in Spain it is very interesting to read how it compares to his return to the UK and starting lockdown here.

Jeremy has written two diary entries so far which you can read in full here and here and we hope there will be more entries soon too.

OV Jeremy Thompson