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5 June

Coronavirus Diary with OV Jeremy Thompson: Entry 11

OV Jeremy ThompsonAnother week gone and we are now on entry number 11 in OV Jeremy Thompson (S 61-65)’s Virus Diaries for Sky News.

Monday 25 May

There’s a whiff of rebellion in the air.

A sense that some are loosening their lockdown shackles and making a break for freedom.

Testing their ‘social bubble’ to bursting point.

Friends tell me they’re simply using their common sense, or as one put it, “Cummings sense”.

Another mate sums it up this way: “It’s like everyone thinks we were well behaved for two months, stopped the NHS from going under, now it’s over and we’re going to drink beer with mates. And if BJ’s mates don’t care, then why should we?”

A sentiment widely echoed. In fact friends in Asia, Africa, America and Australia have all told me how they’ve been watching the Dominic Cummings saga unfold with jaw-dropped fascination.

“A classic case of how to make a bad situation a whole lot worse!” says a journo mate in Melbourne.

Back to the lockdown dilemma, plenty of pals admit to feeling caught in limbo land – desperate to get out and get on with their lives, but still fearful at what lies out there.

Then there’s my lot – mature citizens – labelled as vulnerable. The stats don’t lie. “Age is the dominant factor in the risk of those dying,” a doctor friend quotes to me.

Nearly 89% of COVID-19 deaths in the UK have occurred in those aged over 65. So caution is the watchword. I’ll see how the world copes as it emerges from its corona chrysalis.

Then decide on my level of risk aversion. I call it common sense.

But encouragingly there are age exceptions – like Spain’s oldest woman who survived the virus at the age of 113. While a friend’s mum in Yorkshire got the virus. She’s 86, lives in a care home and couldn’t be more vulnerable. Yet she’s fully recovered and is as right as rain.

You can read the full week online here.