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22 April

Coronavirus Diary with OV Jeremy Thompson: Entry 5

Following on from last week, here is the beginning of the next entry in OV Jeremy Thompson (S 61-65)’s Virus Diaries for Sky news…

OV Jeremy Thompson

Monday 13th April

As we began this shutdown saga in Spain over a month ago – before legging it home to London – I’m interested to hear the Spanish government is daring to ease up the shutters.

While friends in Andalusia insist the personal restrictions are still stiflingly tight, the authorities have decided it’s time to end their “extreme economic hibernation period”.

Some non-essential businesses are being allowed back to work. The rest of Europe will watch with bated breath to see what impact it has in one of the countries worst hit by the virus.

Still in Spain, green-keepers have been spotted mowing our course for the first time. A glimmer of hope for my golfing buddies.

Such is their desperation to get back on the tee, the first round back (whenever that is) will be something of a scramble and a shamble!

Meanwhile, good friends Olive and Bruce describe an unexpected brush with the law when they were pulled over by police for cycling in Richmond Park. It had all been okay the week before. However, the Old Bill had grown tired of tightly packed pelotons of boy racers in tight Lycra cluttering the Easter roads and decided to ban all park bikers above the age of 12.

Our sedate pedalling pals just got caught unwittingly in the dragnet.

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