King's St Alban's

20 April

Creative ConneXions 2018

Creative ConneXions is the highlight of our arts calendar and is always a popular event with pupils, staff and parents alike. This year was no different.  Creative ConneXions ‘The Magic of Musicals’ was an overriding success and the culmination of hard work by the whole school. The theme of musicals meant that the show was a fantastic celebration of musical theatre and paid homage to many wonderful West End and Broadway musicals including Grease, The Lion King and Les Miserables.

Each class from the Junior School danced or sang to music from one of the musicals on offer. They were encouraged to work in pairs and groups to choreograph parts of the dance for themselves.  Some of the dances were closely linked to the musical whilst others interpreted the musical in a more abstract way.  The children in 5D choose Grease as their musical and had tremendous fun recreating the garage scene where Danny and his gang prepare their car, a Ford De Luxe Convertible, (in our case a go kart with a 1950’s cardboard trim!) ready for a street race at Thunder Road.  This fun style dance contrasted sharply with 6B’s dance to Earth Song, from Thriller Live.  In this dance the children showed us the importance of looking after our environment and the consequences of what will happen if we don’t.

The artwork in the theatre gallery was stunning and the poetry which the children had written supported their chosen musical beautifully.  It was an enchanting evening that will hopefully stay in the hearts of those that took part for a very long time.

An outtake video from the shows and the rehearsals can be found on our Facebook page