King's St Alban's

14 January

Creative ConneXions: A night at the Gallery!

We are delighted that Creative ConneXions, traditionally an annual event for Years 3 to 6, will be returning later this term (fingers crossed, COVID permitting!). As part of every child’s creative learning journey, each class will either dance or perform music which they have written or choreographed themselves. Once the children have practised and refined their dance, they perform to each other, to their year group, and finally to a wider audience in the school’s John Moore Theatre.

And so to this year’s theme…

Picture the scene: it is the opening night at the Tate gallery, with a new collection of artworks. The curator, Adrienne, is about to present a preview of the artworks to some very important visitors (you!). The lights go out unexpectedly and Adrienne leaves to investigate. This is the cue for the paintings to come to life, with a little help from some magic and fairy stardust!

This year’s Creative ConneXions is a celebration of art from artists around the world. Art gives us the means to communicate. It is a powerful language through which we can create ideas and see the world. If you remove any element founded in creativity, all that remains is piles of materials that require human imagination and visual thinking. Art forces us to look beyond that which is necessary to survive and leads people to create expression and meaning.

In the performance, you will see a collaboration of dance, music, art and poetry. Each class has been assigned a theme. Year 3 is focussing on how stories can be told through art. Year 4 are examining how art is used to create mood and atmosphere. In Year 5 the children are looking at lines and patterns in art. Lastly, in Year 6 the main emphasis is how art can support and depict cultural diversity.

The children are always very excited to be involved in this year’s Creative ConneXions, as are the staff! Over the Christmas holidays, Mrs Cain and Mrs Lewis visited the Tate gallery to see some of the paintings and artworks that Year 5 and Year 6 will be examining as part of their Creative ConneXions journey.

The show is already beginning to take shape.  Watch this space!