King's St Alban's

19 May

Cricket season in full swing.

U8&U9 Cricket v Hereford Cathedral School

On Tuesday, some of the Year 3 and 4 children played a pairs cricket match against Hereford Cathedral School. For most of the children it was only their second match and it was excellent to see how much their confidence has grown. The bowling is developing well, with fewer extras being bowled; congratulations go to Martha, who bowled a maiden over. Aelwen batted well and hit the first four of the match. Fielding at this age is difficult and many find it hard to concentrate for such a long time but well done to Shreya, who stopped a number of hits going over the boundary.


U9/U8 Cricket v Hereford Cathedral School

The U8 and U9s had a wonderful afternoon of cricket on Tuesday afternoon. We won the toss and elected to field first. There was some super bowling with very few extras given consequently we were able to keep Hereford to a fairly good score. When it was our turn to bat, Zara was particularly good at running for those extra 1s when the ball had gone far enough and was excellent at calling to her partner when to run. There was some good contact by others with the bat and it’s now just knowing when to run. Well done all and especially well done to Isaac and Ana who were awarded best bowler and batter of the match. Final score King’s St Alban’s 276, Hereford 255.


U8/9 A v Hereford Cathedral

This was the first competitive fixture this year for most of the team, and they couldn’t have asked for a better start to the season. On a beautiful, sunny afternoon, all the skills were on show and the team can be really pleased with their efforts. St Albans won the toss and decided to bowl first. Whilst not all deliveries were perfect, every member of the team was able to bowl over-arm and many balls were pitched at a good line and length. We also took a number a good catches and didn’t drop any. With the bat, everyone also contributed, with Louie hitting the winning runs off the last ball of the match. Moving forward, we can work on our calling but, for a first out we can be very happy.


U8/9 B v Hereford Cathedral

This week’s fixture was home against Hereford Cathedral on a lovely warm afternoon. King’s St Alban’s batted first with William R and Wilf opening for the team. Jack hit the only boundary of the game with a glorious front foot drive, finding a gap between the fielders. Millie was also another stand out batter making some great shots. Only two wickets were lost in the innings as King’s St Alban’s batting skills have improved. When it came to King’s St Alban’s turn to bowl, each player did well, improving their technique as the over went on. Ariya, who was very nervous about bowling, went on to bowl an excellent over. King’s St Alban’s displayed good fielding skills, retrieving the ball well and getting it back to the bowler accurately. Going into the last over it was all to play for but King’s St Alban’s just lost by just six runs in a very evenly matched game. Well done!


U8/9 C v Hereford Cathedral

The excitement was bubbling away on the minibus journey on the way Hereford Cathedral for our first away match of the term. King’s St Alban’s decided to bat first and started off very well with some brilliant hitting. Lily E and Archie were the stand out batters and scored a number of runs for their team. Lily E definitely hit shot of the day with a wonderfully timed shot which ran over the boundary for 4 runs! Evie and Ben J impressed with their consistently straight bowling. A great fixture with lots of fun had and coaching points to take away and learn from.


U10/11 Boys B Cricket v RGS Springfield

On Wednesday we took a mixed Years 5 and 6 team of boys over to RGS Springfield for a softball pairs match. The boys bowled well and didn’t give away many extras. Their fielding has improved and Peter took an amazing catch at deep mid-wicket. They still need to work on their backing up in the field, as we did lose some runs to overthrows. The last pair batted well, and Peter hit a very impressive six in the last over. It was a convincing win for the boys.


U10/11 Boys A v RGS Springfield

On a beautiful Wednesday afternoon the boys travelled over to RGS Springfield for a cricket fixture. Sam C won the toss and put RGS Springfield in to bat. Our bowling was simply brilliant. Sam C, Harry B, Jack B, Harry N and Aiden bowled consistently straight and to a good length. This kept the RGS score rate down, as well as picking up some important wickets. RGS set a target of 92. King’s St Alban’s were just as impressive with the bat and hit boundary after boundary. Sam C found his confidence with the bat and played some great shots which helped build the King’s St Alban’s score. Ollie J showed good foot work and timing to hit four boundaries off 4 balls. Aiden A hit the shot of the day with a well-executed cut shot which went past the fielder at deep point for 4. He also hit two of the biggest hits of the day with two massive sixes. King’s St Alban’s finished the scoring on 107. Well done on a solid win and the cricket on display was a pleasure to watch.


U10 A Cricket v Winterfold
Another lovely afternoon of cricket in the sunshine for the U10s at Winterfold. The girls lost the toss and batted first. There were some excellent 4s hit by Ella, Erin, Emily and Penny; and also, some very good calls for extra runs when the ball had been slightly mis-fielded. When bowling, many girls were accurate and unlucky not to hit the wicket. We do need to work on consistency and some fielding skills as the other team did make a couple of extra runs when we had overthrown the ball. Final score was KSA 237 and Winterfold 260. Special mention should go to Katie – batter of the match and Erin – bowler of the match.


U11 Girls A v Winterfold

The girls were on top of their game for the away fixture at Winterfold this week. The team achieved a very good score batting first, with highlights from Flo, Olivia, Mea and Lucia, who all achieved boundary hits. Only two wickets were lost in the ten over innings which is a credit to the girls batting skills. When it was King St Alban’s turn to bowl, the accuracy of the players line and length was very good, making it difficult for the Winterfold batters to attack the ball. The girls bowled five batters out, with Daisy and Elin being a big threat with each ball they bowled. Lilly was fantastic in the field, stopping a number of hits that would have gone for a boundary. It was a great team effort, well done girls!