King's Hawford

18 May

Developing pupils cricketing skills and techniques.

U11 Girls Cricket v RGS The Grange

On Wednesday the U11 girls went down the road to play against RGS The Grange, the girls played a good game and showed great team work when fielding and batting, we will continue to work on our bowling accuracy but it was great to see everyone in the team having a go and enjoying the afternoon. Player of the match for batting went to our captain for the day Amelia M and player for bowling went to Anya R. Georgia J was outstanding in the field and nearly managed to catch a few girls out.


U9 Boys Cricket v RGS The Grange

On Tuesday afternoon the Year 4 children travelled to RGS The Grange for several cricket fixtures in more glorious sunshine. The matches were played to a great level of competitiveness and all players on show worked hard to develop their skills and application within match-based scenarios. All of the fixtures were extremely close and it was great to see lots of accurate and consistent bowling as well as more powerful strikes when batting. Star performers for the boys were Harry C and Palmer G.


U10 Cricket v RGS The Grange

What a fantastic afternoon of cricket on our school fields. The Year 5s welcomed teams from RGS The Grange and it soon became clear that this was a very strong year group for the visitors. The hardball game was a spectacle of character building and resilience from the Hawford batting lineup. After a flurry of early wickets fell, Freddie M steadied the ship with an outstanding innings that oozed maturity and intelligence. Freddie was ably supported by Johnnie T and Issie F before Khaleefah G came in and hit a few runs at the end of the innings. The highlights of the Hawford bowling efforts included an outstanding wicket from an inswinging Freddie P delivery and a mesmerising ball from Erin L that beat the batter, hit the off stump but somehow failed to remove the bails.

KH Cricket


U8A Girls Cricket v RGS The Grange

The U8A girls’ cricket team welcomed RGS The Grange to play a pairs cricket match on Tuesday afternoon. The sun was shining and the girls were all in good spirits. With King’s Hawford winning the toss, they chose to field first. There was some great bowling on show, but a particular highlight of this first half was Izadora M-P bowling out the RGS batter twice in two balls. Other great bowling was on display from Pippa P and the girls’ good fielding techniques allowed them also to stump two RGS batters out. It is a delight to witness the cricketing skills of the pupils develop from week to week.

As the girls began to bat, it was clear that it was going to be a close game as RGS showed good teamwork in the field to get the ball back to the wicket-keeper and bowler; their bowling was also superb.  Pippa P and Thea E made a very good partnership in the first three overs, scoring 24 runs, followed closely by Pip K and Izadora M-P with 18 runs. Pippa P and Mary W worked excellently together to decide whether they should run or stay on the crease (these two had to bat again as RGS had more players).  The final two overs were full of excitement as there was only a matter of a few runs separating the two teams. With some fantastic batting and decision-making, Pippa and Mary managed to get King’s Hawford ahead –  four runs separated the two sides!  RGS’s player of the match award went to Pippa P. All of the girls were a credit to the school and Miss Lake is incredibly proud of them all.


U8 Development Team v RGS The Grange

The girls were on top form as they beat RGS The Grange by six runs. What a great game: some fabulous cricketing skills were certainly on display!

RGS elected to field first, so we were straight into bat. King’s Hawford showed real improvement in batting skills from our previous match and were consistently making contact with the ball, clocking up runs from the start. We only lost two wickets in our opening innings, which was a great result.

The girls demonstrated considerable improvement in fielding skills and a desire for reaching and catching the ball. Lily and Elizabeth in particular made good runs into space to stop well hit balls from RGS, preventing them from increasing their score. Elizabeth and Olivia were also on form with their batting and towards the end of the match both were scoring fours. This was a great team effort and a good boost for the girls, who are working really hard on developing cricket skills.

Man of the match was awarded to Elizabeth N by the RGS players and the player who tried the hardest was awarded to Olivia W, which was awarded by the RGS Coach.