King's Worcester

6 February

Digital Detox Raises Money for Charity

U4D have been hard at work raising money for charity by completing a digital detox. They were sponsored for going without phones, computers and other screens for as long as possible. Between them they have raised an outstanding £611 which will be split between their chosen charities Birmingham Children’s Hospital and The Down’s Syndrome association. The detox was chosen to raise the money after PSHE lessons looking at how long everyone was spending on electronics.

According to ‘It’s Time to Log off’:

At King’s, the longest anyone managed was 190 hours. There are only 17 children in the form so they each had to raise a significant sum of money.

Quotes from the form:

Ben – “I found that it was fun to do. During it I played board games and slept a lot too. The digital detox felt hard but it was also enjoyable.”

Joe – “While I was doing it I had fun but I found I got very bored in short amounts of time. During the detox I played footy, monopoly, went on dog walks and, of course, I ate.”

Lucy – “I found the digital detox quite hard because I am so used to using my phone to help me with things. I walked my dog and did a lot of drawing while I was bored.”