King's Worcester

15 May

Directing Drama Lessons using Microsoft Teams

The King’s Drama department has found fantastic ways of using their remote learning lessons to rehearse. This week Mrs Parry’s lower remove class split into three groups, where they developed and rehearsed three different scripts in three separate Teams meetings! Following this, they used the meeting chat and Class Notebook to jot down script ideas as well as actively discuss and rehearse live and in real-time with the rest of their smaller working group! Later in the lesson, the class regrouped, and each working party gave a little read-through of their new material to the rest of the class!

Mrs Parry said, “In terms of approach, we’ve just got to find creative solutions to the problem of remote Drama – finding creative solutions is pretty much second nature to us!!! OK, so we’re not together, OK, our lessons can’t be on-their-feet practicals, but we can still do Drama! There are amazing stories still to explore and still to tell. What sets Drama apart in the first place is that the story is just the base – it’s all about adding the layers! We’re still reading plays, but we’re doing it collaboratively with great interactive voice acting so that everyone can hear the layers of inflexion, not just read cyphers on a page. There’s still the context to understand, so some groups are doing some amazing research projects and layering on the social/historical/cultural understanding and details. There are still the design elements to consider – and that generates some fantastic collaborative content. And then, there’s the original thought – the writing ‘based on’ and the spin-off tasks, like yesterday’s original scripts – they’ve produced some excellent quality material.”

Quotes from the pupils:

Dan A: “They aren’t as fun as in school, but they get you more motivated…you don’t feel so self-conscious.”

Pranav M: “They’re very interactive and fun; lots of people can get involved. It’s not as good as school, but it’s as close as you can get.”