King's St Alban's

18 March

Discovering the Egyptians!

Year 3 enjoyed a fantastic afternoon as they were introduction to their forthcoming history topic on Ancient Egypt and the Egyptians.

The children learnt about Egypt’s location and why, due to the extremely dry conditions and arid land, the River Nile was vital to everyday life, whether it was used for providing water for irrigating their crops, for travel and transport, washing their clothes or for drinking.

The History Man, David Cadle, told the children a plethora of fascinating facts throughout the afternoon; one that seemed to fascinate the children was that nobody drank milk from animals before the ancient Egyptians. They were the first to have the idea to drink cow’s milk.

We discovered the origins of tombs and how these developed into pyramids. To begin with, large rocks were put on top of a grave to stop wild dogs digging them up. This then lead to step pyramids and the pyramids we can still see today.

Next came Ancient Egyptian tools. The Egyptians were great inventors and they began to use triangles for tools because triangles are a strong structure. The children were fascinated to learn that the Egyptians created the first ever sword.

Towards the end of the afternoon, they studied life as an ancient Egyptian child, examining the sort of toys and games they might have enjoyed. These included games similar to Snakes and Ladders, Jacks, Draughts and Noughts and Crosses. Other toys included wooden crocodiles and rag dolls, made from the leftover rags used for clothing. The children were very excited to play some of the games and see who they could beat!

One of the highlights was making clay scarab beetles or shabti figures, charms that the Ancient Egyptians would have taken to the afterlife with them.

An exciting and informative afternoon was had by all. Thank you, Mr Cadle; we love your visits to King’s St Alban’s.