King's St Alban's

18 May

Eco-Committee Green Flag aspirations

King’s St Alban’s Eco-Committee 

King’s St Alban’s Eco-Committee are aspiring to achieve the Eco-Schools Green Flag award. Pupils met on Tuesday morning in the chapel to discuss this important initiative. The focus of the meeting was to discuss the steps needed, as a school, to achieve the prestigious award. As the children learnt, there are seven steps required to become a ‘Green Flag’ school and the committee discussed the way forward, with the next step being to produce a school action plan.

The children carried out an analysis of the things we feel we are doing well as a school and the things we need to work towards; the three main areas identified for development will go on to form the main aspects of our first action plan.  We will also produce an Eco-Committee board, displaying any actions and discussions that take place during Eco-committee meetings and this will include any steps taken to work towards achieving our first King’s St Alban’s ‘Green Flag’ award.

All children were full of determination and enthusiasm as we continue to progress with this important initiative and we hope to be able to achieve our first ‘Green Flag’ at some point next year.