King's St Alban's

4 December

Elves Everywhere at King’s St Alban’s today!

In case you missed it, today was Elf Day. Early this morning, the WR1 postal district was teeming with elves large and small, prancing, skipping and cavorting their way towards King’s St Alban’s. Both pupils and staff had dressed for the event which was staged in order to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Earlier in the week, Mr Chapman had explained to the children what the money-raising event was all about, and today the children came magnificently attired for some elfin fun. Sara had hand-knitted a pair of exquisite elves to help raise money. The pupils were asked to ‘Name the Elf’ for the modest fee of £1 a go, and many suggestions were submitted in the hope of acquiring one of the two elves. The two lucky winners were Zara A in Year 6 for ‘Elfina’ and Lily E in Year 3 for ‘Nick’. Pupils also brought in money in exchange for the privilege of becoming an elf for the day. The whole experience proved educational and fun and raised £475 for this very worthy cause.