King's Worcester

9 October

European Day of the Languages

The European Day of Languages is celebrated on 26th September every year.  Across the King’s Foundation pupils have been alerted to the importance of language learning in order to increase their intercultural understanding.

Over the course of the last ten days for the European Day of Languages, pupils have been engaged in a wide range of activities aimed at promoting linguistic diversity.

  • Upper Fourth Form pupils have taken part in a French, German and Spanish poetry reading competition with the final taking place within the next week. Pupils have also taken part in the West Midlands Routes into Languages Competition, where they have designed posters about another European country that they would like to visit
  • Fifth Form dual linguists taught German and Spanish online to future linguists at KSA
  • Sixth Form pupils have been recording themselves reading German and Spanish Poetry and/or extracts from foreign literature
  • Almost 90 pupils from the Lower Remove to the Upper Sixth took part in the Inter-House Languages competition where they had to answer general questions about languages, writing systems and alphabets, and etymology. They also had to listen to a variety of languages and work out the language being spoken.  Castle House emerged victorious winning the competition by two points from Chappel House.

1st Castle (57 points)

2nd Chappell (55 points)

3rd Kittermaster (53 points)

4th Oswald (52 points)

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