King's Hawford

8 January

Exam Success for King’s Hawford Musicians

It’s been another successful round of music exam results for budding musicians here at King’s Hawford. Just before Christmas, over twenty children took ABRSM exams in a whole range of instruments including the violin, bassoon, saxophone, trombone and trumpet, as well as a number of pupils taking piano and singing exams. The results have once again been extremely pleasing and we’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate all involved.

King's music 1

Music is an integral part of school life here at King’s Hawford and is taught as a specialist subject from Reception. Pupils are encouraged to learn an instrument from the earliest age, with whole class taster violin lessons in Year 1, whole-class recorder tuition in Year 2, and whole-class trumpet tuition in Year 4. In the Prep Years, currently almost 80% of pupils have individual instrumental and singing lessons.

Sophie Hughes, Director of Music and Performance, said: “I’m delighted to share such fantastic exam results and to see so many of our pupils taking up an instrument and expanding their musical capabilities, with new starters even during lockdown. The children are extremely dedicated to their practice so these exam results are very well deserved and a testament to all involved. We are lucky to have a wonderful team of peripatetic music teachers who keep the children so motivated.”

The results for our King’s Hawford Musicians are as follows:

Arthur H – Violin Grade 5 Distinction.

Michelle Z – Violin Grade 3 Distinction

Alexander F – Bassoon Grade 3 Merit

Will L – Grade 3 E-Flat Horn

Daniel L – Singing Grade 2 Merit

Noah S – Alto Saxophone Grade 2

Katia L – Trumpet Grade 2

Emily J – Singing Grade 2

Elissa O – Singing Grade 2

Bluebell M – Singing Grade 2

George Y Piano Grade 2

Poppy C- Singing Grade 1 Merit

Arabella D – Singing Grade 1 Merit

Florence B – Singing Grade 1 Merit

Henry F – Trombone Grade 1

Eva M – Alto Saxophone Grade 1

Harriet B – Initial Grade Violin Distinction

Isabella W – Violin Initial Grade Merit

Thomas C – Initial Grade Piano Merit

Annabel J – Singing Prep Test

Rory G – Piano Prep Test

Evan N – Piano Prep Test

Rose G – Singing Prep Test